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Full Version: Cliven Bundys attorney files lawsuit against Pete Santilli exposing him as a government informant
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Cliven Bundys attorney files lawsuit against Pete Santilli exposing him as a government informant!
Much more information to come!

John Lamb.

Case # 2019CA000896B
Larry Klayman v Peter Santilli

[Image: Sa1E8YP.png]

Got this off of Lambs FB page

If this is true, it must also mean the bitch rumours around Deb Jordan might as well be true.

As far as I know there are alot of ppl who hate santili and tried to tell patriots/bundies, ect to stay away from him.


Some comments on the post

Paul ~ "didnt Pete accuse others for being government plants in a video at the refugee center ?"

Mike ~ "his entie crew did everythng they could to tear me down and my reporters i sent to the ranch and the refuge"

I heard alot of drama when this stuff was going down. Turns out it was Sanshilly doin it. (my thoughts)


Reply to Dan : Dani ~ "I know for a fact he stole From The truckers ride. I worked for Pete, Deb is my ex mother in law. He had a backdoor into the PayPal and fumbled money out through other people he gave access to the account."

reply to Dan : "Hey Dan I did research on that Truckers Protest .. I heard Audio of Pete openly calling for Violence.. I was Suspicious of him since then. Also claims that he stole a lot of money from the Protest fund .."

Dan ~ "His people got really pissed at me when i exposed his trucker ride scam..... by posting this on their wall - first they blocked me then confessed to it...."

[Image: i1bFCRX.png]

"According to Santilli, his contact at the FBI is Daphne Hearn.

Hearn was hand-picked by former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, in 2012 to become the “special agent in charge” of the San Diego division of the FBI."
Pete Santilli, primary internet radio host on the Rense Network, has been exposed as an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).
In a fax dated the 28th of October, Santilli contacted the FBI Field Office in Sacramento, California for help in fear of becoming “the scapegoat” in what is entitled “Operation Outruck” (OOT).
Verification that Santilli sent the fax to the correct number can be found here.
A search of this operation turns up a document that was taken down from the internet. As of this writing, there is no information about OOT other than the mention in the fax from Santilli to the FBI.
According to Santilli, his contact at the FBI is Daphne Hearn.
Hearn was hand-picked by former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, in 2012 to become the “special agent in charge” of the San Diego division of the FBI.
Hearn worked under operations for the FBI such as:
• Infiltrating the La Cosa Nostra families in Buffalo, New York
• Organized Crime Task Force out of Chicago division FBI office
• Managed national initiatives for the Organized Crime Section of the Criminal Investigative Division of the FBI headquarters
• Special Operations Group out of the Kansas City field office
• Oversight of the Heart of America Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (HARCFL), and the Cyber Crime Task Force (CCTF)
• Assistant chief of the International Operations Division (IOD)
• Special assistant to Mueller in daily operational and administrative oversight of the FBI
Hearn specialized in:
• Aviation
• Surveillance
• Technical assets
• Counter-intelligence
• Cyber activities for the FBI
In the fax, Santilli states that Hearn promised that with his participation in OOT, he would gain more viewership. However, Santilli asserts that because he is “being attacked on all fronts” he is demanding to know where his protection is?
Santilli goes on to admonish the FBI or leaving informants “out to burn” and that his computers have been hacked. He states that information has been “compromised” and he is not sure how many documents were syphoned out.
Santilli tells the FBI that he was supposed to have someone from their office “verify what has been compromised”; yet this has not occurred.
In the end, Santilli threatens the FBI: “And I assure you, if I get found out you get found out. I will use my show to broadcast MY version of everything, that you approached me and forced me into this position.”




Mark : "If these allegations are true ..I suppose it's good for Cliven Bundy's Legal Team to be on the Offensive as these people in DOJ have already spent over $100 million on these trials which I can not Fathom ..Money is no object they will destroy you financially if no other way ..
I am very impressed with Larry Klayman .. he seems to be the best of the best and he used to be a Federal Prosecutor who was discussed by the corruption in the DC Swamp"

Deb Jordan comes up again

Becky ~ "Never liked or trusted Pete. Same for "Deb Jordan." That snide look on his face in Portland when his charges were dismissed said it all."

Dani on Deb Jordan~ Dani: "I need to get ahold of Cliven!! I used to work with Pete, Deb is my mother in law. I know for a fact he stole money from Cliven. 25,000$ to be exact!!"

This Dani lady says she has recordings and pictures - This is gonna get interesting. haha

Pete's been stealing money, facebook account pages, the works. It's all in the comments section. If you have a facebook account look up John Lambs account timeline history.
Thank you. Pinned to beat the rush Chuckle .Many are going to want to follow this.
There wasn't anyone who didn't suspect that POS. Hope he got paid well for his soul
I always suspected that!
Ok - I made last edits to the original post - refresh - If you have a FB account I suggest you read whats being said in comments section now. I see vinny eastwood got tagged. haha
During the Bundy standoff in Oregon is when I first heard that Santilli was suspected to be an informant. I can't say true one way or another, Ill review this new info.

It does bring the Bundy's back to mind though. Last I recall is after being exonerated in the Oregon debacle, the feds were pursuing charges in the Nevada incident. I have not seen any updates on that.? Anyone got any info?
Whoa. This is going to be a huge story. Thank God we are getting a more honest fbi, etc. !!

@Sami and @SouthernBelle you will both be very interested in these developments.
Also @ID Rick if he ever lurks here.
(02-22-2019, 08:34 PM)FlyoverCountry Wrote: [ -> ]There wasn't anyone who didn't suspect that POS.  Hope he got paid well for his soul

My money goes on Pete Santelli being a rat.
He always smelled like a dirty unwiped bottom to me.
Pete has always wanted praise for his work. Yet is not
willing to pay the price for being a journalist. That price
would be to sit in jail to protect your sources. He seems
like a pro at covering his own ass.

**The views expressed here are solely those of the poster
and in no way reflect the opinions of the staff or
Reverse image livestreams was a tell
Santilli was a rat/plant from day 1.
Remember the "occupy wall street" days from 2010 ?
Santilli was there "fundraising" to the tune of 500k
which he pocketed - Santilli has ties to Chinese Intelligence.......
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