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Full Version: 5G Is The Future
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5G Is The Future And That Is Frightening!

In this video, WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on 5g technology with Max Igan. Igan expertly breaks down what the future holds for this technology and humanity and how it will change a lot more than just your cell phone.

Next thing you will know your toaster and shoes will be snitching on you
If the NWO and ALL its sub org.s get their way, we will become total slaves to them, you'll be monitored and controlled by 5-G equipment and you'll be taxed on everything from the rain water falling on your home & property to how much you go to the bathroom and expected amounts of flatulence.
we are the elephant and we are being eaten one bite at a time, these are fast becoming some of the most darkest years for us since the crusades as far as being watched and monitored, and the next phase is "TOTAL CONTROL" Smileyfud
i want 5G. my tracfone is 3G and below..but i doubt tracfone will go 5G
Oh yeah...5G is great. Unless your brain pan is between your phone and the cell tower.