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Full Version: Dragon Aurora
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Chuckle Monsterously impressive! It's a shame that UofA no longer shoots off their rockets for "atmospheric experiments". It might have just been a coincidence that additives to the fuel enhanced the colors of the aurora to a near rainbow spectrum.
I used to watch the aurora borealis every night, so beautiful.

I'm glad I did, too much electric light pollution to see now.
I really wanted to see it when I was in Anchorage but it was cloudy the whole 9 days.

I check this occasionally...
This one is a few years old. But still pretty awesome.

[Image: dFY5SGg.jpg]
Saw it once in my life. Wow. It was almost terrifying, it was so amazing.
Made me wonder what ancient peoples must have thought. I knew what it was and still felt that.
I'm fairly certain many ancient cultures held knowledge of the universal sciences that would make our science look like pre school.

(02-20-2019, 08:56 AM)MaximalGravity Wrote: [ -> ]Yo @Red Auroras , you know this dude ?

[Image: Dragon-Arrora.jpg]

"The World-Eater (Alduin) has returned!" Hiding3

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