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Full Version: Attack on Louisville llamas appears 'canine in nature,' officials say....But is it....DOGMAN???
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And now for something completely different. This is a very bizarre and sad story about a gruesome "canine" attack on several llamas in a ranch near the Louisville Kentucky zoo. I love llamas so I find this especially distressing, they are such pretty and lovable creatures.

You're gonna think I'm crazy - well, you probably do anyway, but have any of you heard stories about a cryptid (mysterious animal not - YET- in the science records) called Dogman? Kind of stupid name, but Dogman stories have been proliferating like crazy over the past 5 years or so, there are many YT channels and sites now devoted to this creature. It's probably the same as the Michigan Dogman story, which is even older, going back decades.

Dogman is a large canid, like a giant wolf (dire wolf?) that can walk and run on its two hind legs, like a person. It's supposedly enormous, anywhere from 6-9 feet or so when it stands upright, and several hundred pounds. They say the body sometimes is muscular like a human weightlifter type and the head is like a German Shepherd or maybe a Rottie. Sometimes I've heard it described as looking something like a hyena because of the muscular "shoulders" but much larger. The fur is thick, esp around the neck and can be different colors although frequently they're black or very dark. Their roar is said to be very frightening and deep in a manner that you can feel it in your body, not just hear it. The tracks are much larger than an ordinary wolf's (or certainly a coyote).

These creatures seem to be spreading through the US - most states seem to have some sightings. They are especially known in heavily wooded states but they've also been seen in some urban areas. I note that the location of this llama story, KENTUCKY, comes up repeatedly with Dogman tales. Other common states are Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and I've heard quite a few from New York. An area that comes up a lot is the Land Between the Lakes (LBL) of Kentucky/Tennessee. I've also heard of some interesting sightings in Florida.

There are actually more sightings of Dogman than there are currently of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If you'd like to immerse yourself into these mysterious stories, check out Dogman Encounters on YT. A series of a couple of hundred first hand accounts, mainly in the US but some overseas, of experiences that people have had with these animals. Most of these people are rural folks, lot of woodsmen and hunters, and most of them sound truthful and like the salt of the earth. Every now and then you hear one that sounds like a nut or bullshitter but that's unusual. I highly recommend this show if you like scary stories, whether you believe in this creature or not - there are tales hear that WILL curl your hair.

The Native Americans have many stories about creatures like this and they may be included in their shapeshifter myths - called the Skinwalkers. That seems to be a creature of witchcraft, like a werewolf though and the Dogman seems to be a natural creature except very bizarre.

I had wondered if this might be some kind of Govt psy-op perhaps to keep us out of the woods, but then I see a story like this llama story and I have to wonder. Or maybe this is part of a secret govt human/animal hybrid project. Nothing would surprise me anymore. Also... maybe this creature is one of the reasons so many people disappear out in the woods......
There's some interesting stuff here...
The thing about Dogmen, I think they would have carried a couple of the llamas away. Such a strange sad story.

Yea, I have been following the Dogman phenomena for a long long time.
Never had Lama meat before.

I wonder... Ponder
Dogman, a perfect soilder experiment gone awry. Some escaped.
There have been books, couched in fiction, as a cover.
(02-19-2019, 09:54 PM)SMOK3Y Wrote: [ -> ]Never had Lama meat before.

I wonder...   Ponder


[Image: llama-blenda-studio.jpg]
somewhere between that of beef and lamb.

Sounds good. Fall
Pin for mama's home town, cryptoid story and llamas . Thery're so cute. Very sad they were attacked.
[Image: cute-cows-are-dogs-31-5988548ec6413__700.jpg]

[Image: 628bfda7c8b5d437e52eddad92ee074b.jpg]

[Image: baby-wolf-puppy.jpeg]
I didn't read the story because it sounds horrible and llamas are some of my favorite creatures.
But here is something I didn't know before last night. Allegedly, 1 dog or 1 coyote can kill a llama, let alone
a pack.
That seems counter-intuitive because people keep llamas, many times, as guard animals for their goats
or sheep or whatever. There's a hilarious video on you tube (or used to be) of a llama giving a man he took
a dislike to an attitude adjustment.
I'm guessing nobody on The Fringe has llamas, but should anyone get them, it's good to know. The information
came from here
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