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Full Version: Was I Dreaming???
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Hello fellow Fringers.
I need advice regarding a dream/experience that I may or may not have had.

Thursday February 14th at about 9:30pm I went outside to have a smoke before retiring for the evening. The night sky was fairly clear and
the moon was bright but not full. I was standing on the steps near the front door admiring the way the yard looked in the moonlight.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw what I presumed was a plane. I looked towards the west where it was coming from and noticed 3 lights. I'm not 100% sure that the object was triangular but the lights on the bottom were in a perfect triangular placement. There was no sound coming from it.
The object came into my view fully and appeared to stop and hover for about 7 seconds then it started moving at super fast speed and within 2 seconds it was gone. Like disappeared gone.
I then came into the house and went to bed. For some reason it didn't seem of any significance, at the time.

The next morning is when I remembered all of this and started questioning myself as to why the hell I didn't think more of it when it happened.
It was almost like a dream state and I still feel rather confused over it.

What did I see?? 1dunno1

If you have opinions or thought on this, please share with me. I must apologize in advance as I am at work and may not be able to respond in a timely manner but just really needed to get some insight on this.

Thanks Y'all!

Sounds like a TR3B Astra

That would explain the 3 lights. Also that it reminded you of a plane.
Strangest dream I ever had is that I got picked to go on the one way trip to Mars. I remember they paid me quite a bit in the dream to go as there was no return trip. My girlfriend didn't get picked so in the dream I remember saying goodbye to her. This was a while ago I had this dream.
every fringer has some kind of weird dream...mine includes me standing in a desolate field, and in the distance a huge towering monolith tower stands there... the wind is blowing and its very overcast.i dont know what it means