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Jordan Sather tweeted that the NYT was caught in yet another big lie, this one about RBG's alleged appearance at SCOTUS 2/15. NYT presented a picture of her with the caption that she had returned to Court but the picture is actually from a Presidential Freedom Medal Ceremony on NOVEMBER 16! You can tell not only from RBG's outfit but from the woman in the speckled outfit behind her (hoop earrings). They tried to present a different frame of that as being a current pic.

She has to be dead or incapacitated and Trump has GOT TO CALL THEIR BLUFF.


BTW, if she was NOT at SCOTUS on Friday, that means that several justices and others over at SCOTUS are in a conspiracy (along with news media, pols, etc) to hoax us that Ginsburg is still alive and active. Reminds me of the Mark Taylor prophecy about SCOTUS: IIRC, he said Trump would replace FIVE justices - 1 thru death, 1 thru retirement and 3 thru scandal. I didn't believe this but....maybe Mark is right!
They're really cute how they do this hoax - look at the first photo - the one they use to represent that she went back to work on Friday. Note that you can't see any FACES except HERS. Either that was a particular photo they had or they cropped it so we couldn't identify specific faces. Fortunately that woman in the speckled dress behind her stands out and they should have photoshopped that, LOL.
I don't see how they can keep up this farce indefinitely. I thought they were trying to play out her death or incapacity long enough thru this year so that when Trump did nominate someone they could try to extend it through NEXT year and then say he can't appoint a SCOTUS justice during an election year - tit for tat for Merrill Garland or Garland Merrill or whatever the hell his name was.

Now I just don't know, I'm surprised they would be bold enough to push this lie out and have SCOTUS go along with it. How does this end? I've been urging Trump to go over to SCOTUS with flowers - or to her house - and welcome her back. This needs to end one way or another.
she is right here
look how nice
[Image: M74KT2c.gif]
[Image: mYW2AEc.gif]
Somebody on another site just posted the following: "Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathleen Arberg or others there will NOT confirm she was there yesterday."

I haven't seen this myself yet, but I know this person is pretty thorough.
According to msm, Ruth is back at work today healthy as an ox.

[Image: AR-171019550.jpg?timestamp=1521823321]


(02-19-2019, 01:12 PM)Pig Love Wrote: [ -> ]According to msm, Ruth is back at work today healthy as an ox.

[Image: AR-171019550.jpg?timestamp=1521823321]

we need PROOF!
So what you’re saying is, business as usual at the New York Times .
It must take more time to clone an older person?
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