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Full Version: Special US Forces arrive in the Caribbean
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According to the Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, US Special Forces descended in Puerto Rico and in the St Isdro base (Dominican Republic) between 9 – 13 February. US troops also flowed into other Caribbean Islands, but the US did not keep the de jure governors of these islands in the loop. The Cuban Minister's tweet (see above) raises the possibility of this being a US attack on Venezuela, shielded under the cover of humanitarian (...)
We should certainly keep an eye on this.

What if it is staging to arrest high profile DS criminals? V6sRZf4 I can wish...

Good catch Tally.
(02-15-2019, 07:03 PM)Frigg Wrote: [ -> ]We should certainly keep an eye on this.

What if it is staging to arrest high profile DS criminals?   V6sRZf4  I can wish...

Good catch Tally.

China makes aggressive moves in the South China Sea all day long, what`s wrong with the US doing the same in the Caribbean? I say nothing!!!
Fuk the critics...
Consider it a warning. Venezuela and Guyana have been disputing territory for decades, but this is different. Venezuela is falling apart, Guyana is oil rich, and the Maduro regime in Caracas may be looking to divert attention from its domestic troubles. “Is Venezuela willing to start a Caribbean war?” asked geopolitical risk analyst Scott MacDonald.

“Making the situation more complicated is the involvement of the major powers in the region,” MacDonald noted.

Russia is a longtime ally of Venezuela. In December, two Russian heavy bombers, sophisticated Tu-160 Blackjacks, landed outside Caracas in a show of support for the Maduro government. Russian media reported that the Kremlin is eyeing the Venezuelan island of La Orchila in the Caribbean as a forward operating base. Guyana’s foreign minister expressed alarm, saying he was “very concerned” about the development.

China has a major stake in Venezuela. Increasingly, that’s looking like a bad bet. China pumped more than $62 billion into Venezuela in the past decade and “suffered huge losses,” reports the South China Morning Post. “Many of its 790 projects in Venezuela have failed, the victim of corruption or debt defaults. Caracas has also struggled to repay Beijing in oil shipments, despite debt-for-oil deals.”

China has invested in Guyana too, though not on the scale of its Venezuelan adventure. It has poured money into traditional Guyanese extractive industries like logging and mining. It has invested in roads, bridges, and an airport. It is eyeing Guyanese banking, has invested in offshore oil, and signed loan and infrastructure development agreements.

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