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Full Version: Democrat Beto O'Rourke says he wants to knock down the existing border barriers on the southern border!!!
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Is this his house w/ burglar bars?

14 Feb 2019

MSNBC's Chris Hayes: Democrat Beto O'Rourke says he wants to knock down the existing border barriers on the southern border    Scratchinghead

Quote:"If you could, would you take the wall down now?

Knock it down?" O'Rourke: "Yes, absolutely. I would take the wall down."

link to  video

Replying to story
How much cash did Beto pelosi the DNC Hillary Schumer get from ElChapo?
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Here’s Beto’s house in El Paso. Plenty of walls to bulldoze. Lead the way young squire
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Quote:All O'Rourke has to do to knock down those borders is to drive drunk like he's done before and ram right into them will the coward drive away like he did at one of his DUI debacles
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Quote:Is that Beto with Pelosi in 2016 and the former President of Mexico who took a 100 million dollar bribe from El Chapo? Now Beto is the reason you'd take down the wall is your pockets were lined?
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Quote:He is an enemy to this nation ,
he had a rally with a likeness of Trump being hit while foriegn flags where flown.
Why isnt Secret Service at his door .
and he makes it clear he would put us all in danger and lilke the rest of dems protect illigals over Americans

Rep. Dan Crenshaw: The Truth at the Southern Border

Whereas you might get away with that in places far from the border, I doubt it'll play well in the Southwest
( well except for in the lying media that reported 10,000 people at his rally)

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Living in Texas, I can tell you straight up that what Beto "Puto" O'Rourke says will NOT fly.

He can keep shooting off his mouth. It does the Republican's a service every time he does....
Beto's gummy gob and Lovecraftian repulsiveness is a result of poor breeding practices by his Dagonite parents which resulted in a hate for all things American.  

May that treasonous sack of crap find some pain in Gitmo.