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Full Version: Sharia Law in France ?
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Author: Areas of France Now Under De Facto Sharia Law
Zemmour: “We aren’t in France any longer”
Paul Joseph Watson
February 13, 2019

French author Eric Zemmour says areas of France are now completely outside the control of police and are being run by Arab gangs who have imposed de facto Sharia law.
During a recent talk, Zemmour put it bluntly when he stated; “We aren’t in France any longer.”
“It’s rather easy to understand: people dress like in 7th-century Arabia, there is a curfew, the girls are asked to dress decently, meaning: not in skirt, and even less in a miniskirt, they are forced to come back home at 10 pm, or they will be insulted, spat at, and so on,” said Zemmour.
He went on to point out a case where police officers refused to enter an area to back up their colleagues because they feared being attacked or starting a riot.
“Police officers don’t enter those neighborhoods. You saw recently that in the Grande Borne, (ghetto south of Paris) when the two cops were shot at, their colleagues didn’t enter,” said Zemmour. “You certainly haven’t missed that. They didn’t enter, either to take revenge or to arrest the perpetrators. And why didn’t they enter, in your opinion? First, because they were ordered not to enter, because otherwise there would be riots, and so they never entered.”

But what could possibly go wrong there?



Notre Dame....

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They can't really be surprised by this...
Its like cramming shit in a opened wound, then being surprised when infection sets in......Sever the limb to save the body. Or loose the whole body.