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Full Version: Was Stonehenge created by French sailors?
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New study suggests long-running mystery could be solved
Radiocarbon dates and Bayesian modeling support maritime diffusion model for megaliths in Europe

The mystery of Stonehenge may be solved, thanks to a new study that reveals the iconic rock structure may have originated from a single hunter gatherer society in France 7000 years ago.

The iconic prehistoric rock structure in Wiltshire, England has been baffling the world for generations as people struggle to figure out how the massive rock formations appeared in the UK.

A new study suggests the impressive ring of stones was created thanks to a hunter gatherer society in Brittany in northwest France, which first starting building the impressive structures and monuments 7,000 years ago.

“Everyone told me, ‘You’re crazy, it can’t be done,’” Schulz Paulsson told Science magazine. “But I decided to do it anyway.”


Interesting what you can find when you look.