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Full Version: It's my birthday!
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I hope everyone has a great night and is happy. God bless you all. If your not happy... and you hate your own Country.... May God break your ankles so we know our enemies by their limp. Heartflowers

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Happy birthday Shamrock - "may you encounter many limping people" Heartflowers
@~mc~ we need to add shamrock to the birthday list, girl.

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Happy Birthday, Shammy!!!

I hope you have a great one!!
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Happy Birthday, Shamrock! Hope you had a great day!  Heartflowers

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Will the Circle be Unbroken . . .

(02-13-2019, 04:39 AM)Heir Wrote: [ -> ]Will the Circle be Unbroken . . .


I don't know what that means. Pretty sure no one knows what it means.. But it's proactive...... Get's the people going!!!
Happybd Many Happy Returns, Shamrock! Hope you have a Most Excellent day!
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