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Full Version: Robert Swann Mueller III and JFK
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Robert Swann Mueller III and JFK

This is just a weird bit of data.....

This pithy little piece by Headlines with a Voice clues us in to the multi-generational family relationships that comprise the American Deep State and how they relate both to the ongoing political assassination of Donald Trump and to the assassination of John F Kennedy.

Robert Mueller is married to Ann Cabell Standish, whose grandfather was Charles Cabell, second-in-command at the CIA when JFK was elected and while Robert Mueller's granduncle, Richard Bissell was also there.

JFK fired Charles Cabell and Richard Bissell, along with Allen Dulles, in his bid to "smash the CIA into a thousand pieces".

Charles Cabell's brother, Earl Cabell was the mayor of Dallas at the time of JFK's assassination. Recently-declassified documents reveal that Earl Cabell was an asset of the CIA.

Allen Dulles, of course sat on the Warren Commission which investigated the assassination. He managed to keep the CIA out of the investigation.

is this still....about hiding the Kennedy Murder...and the Warren Commission Cover up.....Still....