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Full Version: Shitty Netbook Shows how Shitty your computeris
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I have just enough ram to tell me how badly Windows and Chrome are fucking you.


It's a burner used netbook but come on...

This thing can't handle a dunce fone operating system.

That's really weird to me because my celeron 850 did amazing things on Linux.

Now I have a this shitty fucking netbook.

Constantly locks up with social media malware.
I can't do much of anything on this netbook.

But what is worse is what I need to do in order to reign it in.
There is no CDrom…

Only ways I can imgage the hard disk:

USB DVD drive or Cd drive:


In order to image a pendrive with a functional OS, you need a dueal core processor that has NSA phone home.

I checked it,

I can't image a USB stick without intel AMT.

FB games makes my widows crash ! Yeah3