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Full Version: Harrison Ford delivers apocalyptic climate change warning
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Actor spoke out ahead of Dubai's World Government Summit

Harrison Ford has delivered a stark warning about the impact of climate change as he prepares to travel to Dubai to discuss ocean conservation.

The Star Wars and Indiana Jones actor, 76, is one of the most high-profile speakers at this year’s World Government Summit, which begins on Sunday. He said that climate change presents "the greatest moral challenge of our time".

Ahead of the three-day event, Ford recorded a video message in which he urged viewers to join him at the summit, which is now in its sixth year and will be attended by ministers, government officials and business leaders from all over the world. Ford started his message by asking what it would be like to live in a world that is four degrees warmer. “Fresh water shortages, higher greenhouse gas emissions, unprecedented fires, worldwide destruction. Is this the world we want?" he asked.

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I'm more worried about his piloting skills than the weather
i dont beleive any of what he said here...its all hogwash
[Image: harrison-ford-riding-a-girls-bike-meme.jpg]
When did Han Solo turn into Pussy Solo?

When actors take to preaching to everyone else. Just shut up, Ford, and act. Just that.
i was just going to say, dont quit your day job...
Harrison Ford flew his plane into the ground probably because he forgot to fill it....
Ain’t we supposed to be underwater by now?
This nonsense never ends.
How about doing an apocalyptic speech on socialism consequences.
How much water would it take to cover his head in 1 foot of water.... Chuckle
How Earth Would Look If All The Ice Melted
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