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Full Version: Russian Lobbyist Linked to Hillary + Trump Tower Meet Received $500k Payment
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Russian Lobbyist Linked to Hillary Clinton at Infamous Trump Tower Meeting — Received Half-a-Million Dollars in Suspicious Payments Before and After Meeting

California US Representative Devin Nunes shared on FOX News that Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, working with Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS, likely set up the entire Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner as a way of entrapping the Trump campaign.
The whole thing was a setup!
On FOX News, Nunes, who sat through hours of testimonies related to the Trump – Russia farce, said the following –
… but something also probably important to note about the so called Trump Tower meeting.  This is the meeting that actually Fusion GPS met with the people before and after that meeting.
Fusion GPS, once again, was a Clinton Campaign paid for operations outfit.  They were clearly involved in the set up of the Trump Tower meeting.  So if they want to bring Cohen in and talk to him, that’s great, we’ll participate.  But the truth, if you really want to get to the truth behind the Trump Tower meeting, Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign are all over it, and probably behind it.
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Look at ALL the people who die around the Clinton's, NOT NORMAL, they will do anything to get their way and so this should be deemed extremely plausible.