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Full Version: Anyone still listen to RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network)
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It seems like over the last couple years, the traditional and what I consider unbiased
talk shows and news programs have been superceded by you tube and new "alt-right"
types who I don't trust. I still watch Rick Adams on cable interconnect, used to listen to
him on AM Radio, and kinda know the guy. Anyway he is in my mind a good source of
info and a good show to listen to. There are others and Stadtmiller's show is good too,
John Moore is still a classic and so is Deanna Spingola. Rick Adams Uncensored is a good
You Tube channel up now which is a replay of his cable show.
There used to be quite a load of shortwave/am/internet radio shows but it seems like
the new social media and all their hot rods, plus the Trump Conspiracy crowd have overtaken
the older icons. I hope that changes.
bump for schedule
Rick Adams coming on in an hour. He is only on Saturday afternoons.

All shows on RBN:

Here's his tv show from this week:
There's the Arm Chair Survivalist...

Available on the 'net, SW, and archives (of course)...

Oops! Looks like his last show was sometime last year...