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Full Version: Democrats threaten a Starbucks BOYCOTT
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The Dems are going nuts..

Bloomberg rebukes Howard Schultz and says Americans 'can't afford' to let an independent candidate help re-elect Trump as rattled Democrats threaten a Starbucks BOYCOTT if he runs
Former Starbucks CEO and one-time Democrat Howard Schultz, 65, has said he may run for president in 2020, and if he does he will do it as an Independent
Demcorats worry that if Schultz runs he will steal votes from their nominee, virtually guaranteeing Trump's re-election
Michael Bloomberg, a former New York City mayor who has toyed with his own independent White House campaigns, is strongly discouraging Schultz
Some liberal activists are proposing boycotts of Starbucks, of which Schultz owns a portion, until he commits to staying out of the 2020 race
By David Martosko, U.S. Political Editor and Stephanie Haney For Dailymail.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg fired a warning shot in the direction of former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on Monday, saying he shouldn't mount an independent campaign for president because he could prevent the Democratic Party from defeating President Donald Trump in 2020.
Third-party White House runs tend to peel votes away from major-party candidates, splitting the support from one side in a way that benefits the other.
Trump himself suggested he would welcome Schultz in the race as a foil, tweeting that he did not have the 'guts' to run and was not 'the smartest.'
Democratic activists have begun to openly suggest boycotting Starbucks, a company in which Schultz maintains significant ownership, until he commits that he won't disrupt the Democrats' chances to unify behind a single anti-Trump challenger.
lol, this is going to be fun :)
Gonna be a lot of San Francisco Democrats having caffeine withdrawal or, they're going to be spending big money for a cup.

How much do they hate Trump? Enough to Boycott Starbucks and buy Blue Bottle and other high end cups?

Locations in SF

There's a Blue Bottle two blocks from work. Check the prices..

Edit: I guess I should have added, most Millennials can't make coffee at home. They don't know how to do it. They have to buy it from a café. The ones we've had at work can't operate the coffee maker (one or two could), they need someone to do it for them. Or, they walk a block and pay $15 for a cup of Blue Bottle.
This is almost as good as the Buzzfeed layoffs.
They will pay him off or suicide him.
Trump better make sure he has operatives in all states to ensure these slime bags dont try to rig the electoral votes.
Anti Octo ! No Free stuff.. How about free coffee for Millennial voters?

Howard Schultz May Save the Democratic Party From Itself
To defeat Trump, Democrats will have to appeal not to his fiercest enemies, but to his softest supporters.
11:53 AM ET

David Frum
Staff writer at The Atlantic

The Starbucks founder Howard Schultz is the Twitter villain of the hour. If hot takes actually generated heat, Schultz would already have been vaporized under the onrush of magma. His offense: contemplating a run for president as a self-funded independent centrist.

Many people could raise a legitimate complaint against this expensive plan, starting with Schultz’s heirs. But the Twitter complaints arise from concern not that Schultz is about to waste his money, but that he might spend it effectively. He might weaken the Democratic candidate in 2020, and thereby help reelect President Donald Trump.

Actually, this complaint reveals why Schultz’s exploration is just the help America needs. Schultz seems to intend to run as a compassionate businessman concerned that the Democratic Party is veering too far to the left. In an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes, he complained of promises of free health care and free college tuition.

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