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Full Version: If Leftists Would Murder a Teen for Smiling, What Would They Do to You if You Weren’t Armed?
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By now, virtually everyone has seen or heard about the minor confrontation Friday afternoon on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that quickly became a major, media-fueled frenzy.

The controversy focused unadulterated leftist hate on a group of Catholic school boys wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats, particularly one teen who had the glaring audacity to smile at an activist who got right in his face.

Unfettered rage rained down from the left on that boy — identified as Covington Catholic High School junior Nick Sandmann — and his family, friends and fellow students. The mood was exhibited via horribly slanted media accounts and social media commentary that included calls for horrific violence, including threats of death against Sandmann, his family and his schoolmates.

Yes, countless threats of death and violence were aimed at a 16-year-old boy simply because he was a presumably privileged, white, Trump-supporting Christian at a pro-life march who dared to exercise his right to stand his ground with a smile while a group of black supremacists hurled terrible insults at him and a leftist Native American activist beat a drum loudly and chanted mere inches away from his face.

In light of the left’s murderous and violence-seeking reaction to the disgustingly misreported story that inaccurately framed Sandmann and his classmates as unrepentant racists who instigated everything, conservative attorney, author and retired Army Col. Kurt Schlichter asked in a Twitter post how things might have turned out even worse if we as Americans didn’t have the freedom to protect ourselves from tyranny via the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

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YOUR POST says it ALL!!!
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From my cold dead Haaaaands!!!!!
Locked and Loaded!

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