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Full Version: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) doesn't know how many branches of government exis!
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23 Jan 2019

News & Politics

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) doesn't know how many branches of government exist:

"There are two co-equal branches of government,

the president of the United States and the Congress"

link to  video

Replying to story
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) There are 3 equal branches of government:

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Yet another Democrat that doesn't know our branches of government!!!

Let's see it's first taught in Elementary School followed by Middle School then High School and wait for it... College.

If they can't remember the basics, how can they remember and support the big stuff. SMH

to much Firewater  [Image: DxosUqgU0AA7o1W.jpg]

How about racist.
[Image: DxovOHqUUAARMes.jpg]

[Image: DxowGHlVYAARHxG.jpg:large]

She is taking lessons from AOC on how looking stupid is attractive to millennials.
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Bunch of dumbfucks
Four if you include the DS.
Then AIPAC would make five.
Don't forget the Federal Reserve.
Not surprising...
She doesn't even know what race she is.
(01-23-2019, 10:53 PM)LucyBarnable Wrote: [ -> ]Not surprising...
She doesn't even know what race she is.

Chuckle Good one Lucy!

I'd hate to see her making decisions about Launching Tomahawks then...
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Even scarier is most American's don't know this either.

She refers to these two branches as "co-equal."

She and the rest of them already think they're president.

Now you know why Pelosi and Schumer act the way they act.

They don't respect the President because they consider themselves equal to him.

They will never show him the respect a President deserves.

All of the Presidents prior to President Trump weren't respected by them either, but they did what they were told.

President Trump doesn't do what he's told.

Something has to be done about these people.

They hold themselves in higher esteem than they SERIOUSLY!

Too many chiefs, not enough indians.
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