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Full Version: President Donald Trump,Speak Nancy Pelosi go ahead with State of the Union address!
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Jan 23, 2019

BREAKING: President Donald Trump has sent a letter to House Speak Nancy Pelosi pledging to go ahead with State of the Union address

Here's the letter

[Image: DxnQIWWV4AAEqON.jpg]

Replying to story

Quote:aha.he wins the media war with this one. Viewers will be tuning into who otherwise would NEVER watch a stuffie SOTU.
He is gonna sell this like $20 bottles of water in the desert.
This is gonna be juicy, bet she and her minions are a no show.
Pelosi is a scourge upon this country and its people and should be thrown OUT of office!! and into a prison cell!!


well bless her heart!


Just take away her free, government paid for alcohol $millions allowance and she'll crater like an ice cube in the hot desert sand.


Pelosi shut in down yet again.  New news just the past couple hours.  Fox has it on YouTube.
This is ridiculous. Actually Pres Trump does not need to give a State of the Union address because I think the people of America know that the state of the nation is in dismal shape. We know that elected officials are acting like children. Americans know that the needs of the country are being pushed aside because politicians feel that illegal non-citizens seem to matter more. Washington has become an embarrassment. Businesses are struggling, medical care costs are out of control and the housing market is not looking great.
Pelosi is fighting for her job. She must go ultra radical socialist left or loose the support of anyone under 35. Octo will be on her media platform dissing Nan, if Nan buckles to TrumpZilla.

Nan fears Octo more than TrumpZilla.
She should be fired immediately.

Trump Cockslapps the Sphincter of the House once again!

Bwaaah ha ha ha!!!

The House would never vote to replace Nancy and I cannot see her stepping down. This circus is going to continue.