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Full Version: Anti Israel alleged Latina ocasio Cortez breaks late night tv ratings
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How does an anti Israeli left wing Latina community organizer get on the T.V so much?

Everyday she's on a new magazine cover, everyday there is 20 different articles online about her and now the media says she allegedly​ broke late night tv ratings

Having already conquered social media, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is proving to be just as big a draw on television. Per Nielsen, the first-year congresswoman from New York delivered a massive ratings bump for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night, helping the CBS late-night show match its best numbers for a Monday ever. AOC’s appearance on Colbert lifted The Late Show to a 3.1 rating, tying two previous Monday records (December 4, 2017, with Billy Bush and August 14, 2017, with Anthony Scaramucci), according to preliminary overnight numbers for major U.S. cities. Ocasio-Cortez easily improved upon her numbers for her first Colbert appearance last summer (2.6 rating) and, even more impressively, managed to generate bigger overnight ratings than a slew of other recent high-profile politicians who’ve visited The Late Show in recent weeks.
The media controls everything.
(01-23-2019, 11:46 AM)unclelunatic Wrote: [ -> ]The media controls everything.

and WHOM owns the media? leftist, demoncrappers!!
(01-23-2019, 11:52 AM)Apache54 Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-23-2019, 11:46 AM)unclelunatic Wrote: [ -> ]The media controls everything.

and WHOM owns the media?  leftist, demoncrappers!!

The hidden hand Yeah3

The leftwing agenda is only pushed as it's one of the easiest ways to disarm American men and allow the greatest economy in the world to go bust and ripen it for a takeover
Dancing with the losers?

All people sit around and watch anymore instead of clamping down on their non-representing representatives.