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Full Version: Further Proof This IS The Democrats Shutdown
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Further Proof This IS The Democrats Shutdown
January 22nd, 2019

Rising GOP star Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) decided to share a government shutdown story the media had to ignore. Mostly because they were too busy harassing and doxing teenagers and their families. Here is the story Crenshaw shared:

Big deal that never got reported:

Last week, House GOP voted to pay federal employees their 1st paycheck of 2019, despite shutdown. Only 6 Dems voted with us. It failed.

So all of the heartfelt hand wringing over the federal employees who have been effected by the shutdown by Leader Pelosi and others is complete hogwash. They had the opportunity to pay federal workers who are obligated to be on the job and voted it down.

Link to the whole post :
Deadline Action to be Completed
First Monday in February President submits budget to Congress.
February 15 CBO submits report on economic and budget outlook to Budget Committees.
Six weeks after President's budget is submitted Committees submit reports on views and estimates to respective Budget Committee.
April 1 Senate Budget Committee reports budget resolution.
April 15 Congress completes action on budget resolution.
June 10 House Appropriations Committee reports last regular appropriations bill.
June 30 House completes action on regular appropriations bills and any required reconciliation legislations
July 15 President submits mid-session review of his budget to Congress
October 1 Fiscal year begins

Budgets happen on April 15th.

If they don't make it to April 15th again they failed. In many checks.