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Full Version: The Covington Boys Rorschach Test!
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January 23rd, 2019.

The Covington Boys Rorschach Test
Jared Taylor of American Renaissance marvels at the outpouring of hatred unleashed by yet another false accusation of white "racism."
A 17-year-old boy smiles in the face of slurs and intimidation—and is accused of "bigotry in excelsis."
Taylor points out that Orwell already had a name for this in 1984

RACIST LEFT    Facepalm
Great analogy. They project their beliefs and experiences onto anything they dont recognize. Like facts, truth, and honor.


Yes, good point...stunning really to watch.
I believe this will do more to redpill those who are generally too busy with living, raising families than we can guess.

I also think it may make many average joes rethink past events, and be open to some hard truths coming our way.