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Full Version: ALEX JONES (Full Show) 1/22/19
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Tuesday - 1/22/19

ALEX JONES (Full Show)  


I don't know what to think about Alex anymore ; I think what has driven me away to some distance is his commercialism . The news is one thing but selling stuff is another at lest he is not a libtard .

Over the years I have supported a few web sites including Infowars and have never asked for anything in return this is the way it should be .

I to have a red MAGA hat and a Obama coffee cup but I don't show them off I got tired of defending myself .


Ted Broer was talking about Roger Stone and a "nationaly known talk show host and his son facing charges from the Meuller investigation"...

I'm assuming it's Alex Jones and his son Owen Schroyer.

The deep state is pressing hard to bury the Sandy Hook affair in bogus grieving parents.
Thank You...NowhereMan