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Full Version: Can Buckyballs (C60) double your lifespan?
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The Carbon 60 molecule discovery happened in 1985 by a trio of researchers working out of Rice University named Richard Smalley, Harry Kroto, and Robert Curl. Carbon 60 molecules are composed of carbon atoms linked to three other carbon atoms by covalent bonds. The carbon atoms are connected in the same pattern of hexagons and pentagons you find on a soccer ball.
C60 has a slight positive +2 charge that attracts negatively charged oxidative free-radicals and neutralizes them. Each C60 neutralizes large numbers oxidizing free-radicals every second. This occurs without the C60 molecule being changed or losing reductive potency. C60 rapidly resets and keeps on working. When the cells of the body are relieved of an existing free-radical oxidative burden, they can once again function at natural peak efficiency and begin repairing cells. Increasing energy, physical and mental performance, and virility are just some of the reported benefits of C60 in oil.

[Image: buckminsterfullerene-c60-molecule-17178560.jpg]

The most common buckyball contains 60 carbon atoms and is sometimes called C60.Other sizes of buckyballs range from those containing 20 carbon atoms to those containing more than 100 carbon atoms.
The covalent bonds between carbon atoms make buckyballs very strong, and the carbon atoms readily form covalent bonds with a variety of other atoms. Buckyballs are used in composites to strengthen material. Buckyballs have the interesting electrical property of being very good electron acceptors, which means they accept loose electrons from other materials. This feature is useful, for example, in increasing the efficiency of solar cells in transforming sunlight into electricity.

Longecity forum members have reported the following beneficial effects (only effects reported by more than one person are listed):

More energy
Less sleep needed
“Mental improvements”
Can lift much heavier weights, sometimes to the point of causing tendon injury. Commonly reported.
Can do more reps of the same weight. This was the most commonly reported benefit. People were adamant that there was a great difference, comparable to taking Creatine and that not even anabolic steroids enabled such an immediate increase of both repetitions and max. weight.
Calmer, reduction in stress
Can run longer with seemingly more effective utilization of Oxygen. Less fatigue. “Cardiac improvements”. Better stamina and endurance.
Can run faster whilst feeling more comfortable with a pulse that would normally be too high for steady-state.
Higher libido. This is also seen in rat trials, already with 4 micrograms/kg, a dose five times lower than what we recommend as a daily dose.
Faster recovery of the skin after sunburn (with topical application). Do not expose C60 products to UV light – it splits off reactive Oxygen species under UV.

The Paris or Baati study is likely the most famous experiment performed using carbon-60. The findings reveal that this molecule is not only non-toxic but increases the lifespan of rats by 90%!3
Part of this is possibly due to the fact that Carbon-60 has a high affinity for both cellular and mitochondrial membranes.4 It helps protect both of these structures, which are integral to the lifespan of our cells and ultimately us.


I don't know but 00 Buck shot works for deer.
I bought that about 7 months ago, only took it a few times it's horrible tasting!
(01-20-2019, 07:02 PM)Suburban Monk Wrote: [ -> ]I bought that about 7 months ago, only took it a few times it's horrible tasting!

Which form did you try?


I started a thread and told you all how to make it for a fraction of the price and my formula tastes great and you only need one teaspoon a day.  They shut down the thread and would not let posts go through or let me say where to get the powder for less than half price to make your own.

If you use it with the NAD boosters, the c60 makes a miracle delivery system from massive rapid stem cell replication.

Warning there is a lot of fake and messed up stuff out there. Even my supplier had to return an order that did not test out. I would never trust the diluted down premixed stuff or buy the powder from other than trusted confirmed legitimate honest supplier.


C60 is part of a formula that will be the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. Even the poor will be able to heal life long and genetic disorders by boosting stem cells without doctors and drugs. It is going to end much pain and suffering of mankind.

I am honored to be one of the first few to make this discovery and yes it works and anyone can do it.


I was experimenting for my health, but yes looking younger does seem to be an unexpected side effect LOL


People without life threatening needs, need to wait until next year. NASA bought up supplies and suppliers. There is a shortage right now and few makers. It is expensive to make and takes time for new operations, but there will be more production this next year. The price is doubling as we speak and waiting lists getting longer as the word gets out, with more fake stuff hitting the market and con artists taking advantage.


I just found this link the other day. Read it carefully, research every term, there is a lot of understatement. It says a lot summed up in one short article, but takes years to understand what it is actually saying in full.


Here Are Some Of My Comments From A C60 Thread. They Should Fit Nicely Here.
(01-17-2018, 08:31 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-17-2018, 08:00 PM)Lucy Barnable Wrote: [ -> ]I've been taking it for a few months now.
The first thing I noticed was my eyesight got clearer.


Great post. I'm currently on to sweet wormwood (parasitic) cleansing.
I'm going to mix that with my other parasitic cleansing mix I made with:
Clover, black walnut husk, wormwood in the form of Absinthe, I also (need to currently add to my pre-mixed) juniper berries (ground.)

(05-14-2018, 09:09 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]1) I'm confused. The C60 is oddly expensive
2) the video of
3) Primitive Technology: Charcoal video (from page 2)
4) this site says "hardwood C60"
5) I'm told products of "activated charcoal are  typically from Coconut Nut Shells
6) I saw on one source for C60 they used a vacuum oven in a lab.

So, why is it so expensive for C60?
What "hardwood" is Primitive Technology Video utilizing? (The leaves look like oak)

currently still the guest gyroscopic such and such.
(Note: on page 3 Lucy Synchronized with above & was thinking the same thing)
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