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Full Version: Maga hat kids is total bull (McMerged)
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(01-23-2019, 02:31 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]A child abuser is a child abuser. I don't give a damn about what politics they want to hide behind. As a society and as individuals we can't tolerate it. Affect whatever you're capable of to stop it. The next one could be your child or grandchild.

Hmm....aren't Catholic churches automatically on the sex offender registry?

But apparently the Catholics are being attacked because the replacement for Supreme Court RBG is going to be a Catholic.

Cartoon: The upstanding kids of Covington


Stolen valor...

HE LIED: Native American Activist Nathan Phillips Never Served in Vietnam — But Raised Money By Saying He Did. ( for a documentary about his life.)
(01-23-2019, 08:50 AM)NightStalker2.0 Wrote: [ -> ]All MSM will jump on anything negative that has to do with Trump. I don't watch MSM, I don't trust MSM. And, as far as I'm concerned CNN is totally against anything for this country.

GPS Fusion.

They don't want their ties to come out...but they can't keep it a secret forever.


This whole thing was thought up by some stupid fucking inept imbeciles. Someone needs to tweet the lawyer, and show him that this whole stink was done because some old ass 8itch is either dead, or half dead.

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(01-23-2019, 03:31 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]

wow. This suuuucks.

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the situation with the MAGA kids, Nathan Phillips, and the media outrage that was created out of nothing. The truth is the media treats us like puppets on strings, so watch to find out what you're not being told about the MAGA Kids controversy.
[Image: f44df14acf0689c5593eb0eab8bf590063ecbdc9...723fb2.jpg]

There is a prayer vigil being prepared for these teenagers and for the message that they went to Washington to promote. Beautiful and interesting prayers here.

I am noticing that out of this whole affair--, are voices beginning to scream about abuse within the church and why would anyone defend anyone who is even part of such a church. Perhaps this has been the agenda all along since the fact that it is a setup has been leaking out. In other words, taking a set up event with exactly one hundred percent false narrative in order to further destroyed the Catholic Church.

(interesting--- is that doctors are six times more likely to abuse children than are Catholic priests. Other denominations in religion are three or four times more likely. The public-at-large is more likely. ) This issue with the Catholic church is definitely motivated by something other than the protection of our children. 90% of the abuse reports from the Catholic church since the 80s have been concerning older and young men often of age, within the seminaries. Yes it's a disgrace and everything illegal should be exposed and prosecuted but it is important to note political and agenda-driven pinholing that is going on here. Aside from the corruption within the church, or that wolves have taken over areas, the actual message straight out of the Founder's mouth is worth paying attention to.

Some famous philosopher or agnostic once said if he was going to try to find the truth, the deepest religion., It would have to be the religion that the whole world was led to reject and the one that those in power continnually try to destroy....
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