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Full Version: "Something" is driving people nuts.
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A man's perfect food is Truth.
And Truth is Beauty...and how could it be different than that?
Think about that.
Feel it.

Truth is Perfect Beauty.
There is "nowhere" to go to.
Where are you going thats better?
If you are trying to escape, then that tells a story.
Otherwise, you need go no-where.

What planet?
What realm?
What where?

you don't know where you're going
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(01-19-2019, 04:35 AM)Falcon Wrote: [ -> ][Image: tenor.gif?itemid=3543480]

I will go "there".
Understanding is entirely free of the consequences of every path.
Freedom is just not being free from something.
Freedom is free from All Points.
(I learned from the Nepals, among others)
So you go by nothing.
The Spirit must be Pure, to be Free.
The mystery of joy confounds all seekers, and even the saints.
When you are at your best as well as when you are at your worst, you are only avoiding relationship.
Wise men are fools, useless people, madmen, because they don't look for another place.
Why should I care for "one" or the "other"?
You tell me. You don't know, and neither does "God".
Nor your beloved "Jesus".
He was an assembled character throughout the ages, to fit the needs.

Truly, All-That-Is knows nothing, but I won't force feed'll find it in your own space.
All these infinite spaces within Spaces, within Spaces...

Whats a "God" to do?
How does One Person manage Infinity?
How does One Person manage in
I could be out of control.
But I'm not, since this is my thread, and I feel comfortable.
If I were banned, I would just re-appear somewhere else.
When you realize godly(for lack) love, it is a thing to behold.
It is beyond any description.
Truly, there is no god.
There is only relationship.
(and other things)
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