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Full Version: "Something" is driving people nuts.
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How do we know Carlos didnt fool everyone with Folly?
The body always dies.
(He died of liver disease)
There are very few pics of him.

Maybe he leapt into the Abyss, while everyone wrote articles about his females.
You read everything with a grain of salt.
Like the Bible.

What is true, and what isn't?
Truly, we know nothing.


What is true is that the Full Moon energy is now in effect.
[Image: RUrzrgb.jpg]

Current spaz chart..

Could be worse.

The window to Transcendence is thin.
Your Spirit migrates.
The world is like a garden.
If the garden is neglected, everything over-runs it.
Gophers, worms, parasites, name it.
Spirit is not tied to Body.
The Body is the Spirit.
Does that sound contradictory?
If it does, then so is everything.

Transcendence overcomes all contradiction beyond Anything.
(01-19-2019, 03:40 AM)RUSH Wrote: [ -> ][Image: RUrzrgb.jpg]

Current spaz chart..

Could be worse.


Spirit cannot be "graphed".
And you know that.
Slowly, with patience, I am figuring out what is wrong.
I won't publish a book, oh no.
I'll just paste it here.
But, just like the Universe, I know nothing.
If the Universe knows nothing, it displays a lot of eye candy.
But its Foundation is hidden.
This what forums are about.
Lets talk about why we're in this classroom together.
Many Adepts graduated and moved onto other Realms.
Imagine the Joy, of going somewhere where you are appreciated.
I hate living in this world.
But, I'll live it like a man.
Insanity as far as the eye sees.
I dug my Foundation, and if I need to re-dig it, I will.
I re-jiggered Time.
Words mean nothing to a Universe of Pain.
Pain is just an excuse for avoidance.
Never in any case is avoidance true.

Everything is and is always already the case.
Always will, and always be.
Though not enough, Enough is enough,
and garners Strength through no ego.
It is Nothing.

The Universe doesnt live for itself.
There is No-One conducting Affairs, no matter how much you cry for it.
The secret of passing through the spiritual process without going mad, is the heartfelt release of fear.
Nothing happens to you, that isn't appropriate.
All events serve truth.
From the beginning, here in the now, not merely at the end,
everything is being manifested Right Now.

It wasn't manifested billions upon billions of years ago.
It is manifested at this moment. Truly.
This is not hard.
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