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Full Version: Is Justin Trudeau Muslim?
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It's a fair question.

And one asked for the last 5 years.

"Did [Justin] Trudeau convert to Islam?” asks Sun Media’s Ezra Levant. The answer may shock and astonish you: It’s …

probably not! Instead, Levant thinks Trudeau went to a mosque and put on a jalabiya and said the shahada “all for show, to campaign for the Muslim vote.” “But if any other political leader had boasted of visiting wahhabi mosques, dressed as a desert Bedouin … and [said] he prayed the shahada, don’t you think the media would at least ask him some questions?” he asks. It’s an interesting question. We’d sure love to say “no, because who the hell would care?”

Something far worse I'm sure.


Canada to get 1 million Sudanese migrants in the next 3 years.


He isn't Muslim. He is an asshat with no soul. Sold it to Soros.