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Full Version: Cloudy with a chance of arachnophobia: raining spiders in Brazil
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Quote:Residents in a rural area of southern Brazil were rained on by spiders this week. Experts say it's typical in Minas Gerais state during hot, humid weather. While it looks like the spiders are falling from the sky, they’ve actually created a huge web to catch prey. Scientists say the parawixia bistriata species builds a community web so fine that it’s nearly impossible to see with the human eye, giving the illusion that the spiders are floating on air



build that wall! Chuckle


I should ban you but I’m feeling nice.. for a Monday Banned Chuckle
I would use a flame thrower
(01-14-2019, 11:37 AM)Winter Steelheader Wrote: [ -> ]I would use a flame thrower

napalm. Chuckle
I once was laying on my bead while watching tv and then I got up only to notice that there was this huge big black spider on wall less than half a foot behind my head where I was laying down. I crushed that son of a bitch with a slipper!

And, back in the old days + 10,000 years ago there were 5 foot spiders!
Spiders Have Rights

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(01-14-2019, 01:33 PM)CSB Wrote: [ -> ]Spiders Have Rights

[Image: proxy-duckduckgo-com.jpg]

oh no they dont Chuckle
I will tell you a real story that happened to me !! Scream1 I killed a big wolf spider in a rabbit cage ! That night I felt what felt like a giant wolf spider run up under me in bed ! I swatted it and heard something thump against the dresser ! It scared me enough that I bought a mosquito net for my bed !! I closed myself in at night for the next two years !! [Image: gvtd3N2.jpg] Oh by the way when I turned the light on I found nothing !
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