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Full Version: We're Saving 1.4 Billion Dollars A Week Not Paying these Federal Fools
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I've seen it growing up. Most of the Federal jobs are manipulated by families who only hire relatives. If you aren't in their click, you don't get shit. This is why it's so satisfying watching some of these idiots on morning shows here who have never gone without before, now squirm. We're saving 1.4 billion dollars a week and we are on the 22 day, you do the math. President Trump better not sign any bill which would allow to pay these fools back after the shutdown is over. Obama promised the same thing back in 2013 but never paid. President Trump should follow his lead. lol

It's ironic, an ethic foreign reporter name Adriana is the one reporting their now broke fat asses. Perhaps if more of these Government workers watched who were allowed to enter this country all these years. This wouldn't be happening to them.

Just googled it and EPA managers/supervisors easily make about $50K per year. How are these people still living paycheck to paycheck like those who make 30K per year, or less?

Plus she is a President to a union. She's a union boss for the government. She's full of shit about her finances. Crying wolf to the fake media. That clown is loaded with cash.
It is my understanding that we're not saving anything since these leeches will receive retroactive back pay for doing nothing once the shutdown ends.
No wonder this government doesn't want a wall. We got illegal aliens crawling all in it. Look at Lazoro down here in the video. Dudes been working 17 years within the States 3 of them as a dinning service contractor for government Museum, he also works at the Reagan National Airport and can't even speak English. I highly doubt this wetback has any degree in his field let alone a green card. 17 years man, can't speak English and works around our government... American's should be seeing red at this point.


They will be payed after the shutdown is over.

So you're paying them enough to fund the wall, but not getting any work out of them.

By the time this infantile squabble is over.
If any ever get back to work in a Federal Job , give ' em an IRS Voucher for 10 % off Next Years overall Individual Income Tax Liability .



There are very few federal workers, but entirely too many federal employees. We need to make sure that those who are not present at their job location and doing something useful are never paid. Lay off anyone who's job is counterproductive to the economy or who produces nothing. This is basic business.

I've noticed no difference with or without these people "working". I just don't want retroactive pay for them. When i don't work, I don't get paid - as it should be. Nobody has my back, and I really don't give a shit about them either.

Damn leeches - virtually all of them. Some are useful, like ATC, but they're not absolutely needed.
If you're fat you're doing well.
I’ve got a question .

I’m going to go out on a limb and say most of them have good credit and their money is electronically deposited into their bank .

Why can’t they take out loans on the future income ?


Federal employees can probably file grievances to get the interest back .
(01-14-2019, 01:16 PM)Heir Wrote: [ -> ]If any ever get back to work in a Federal Job , give ' em an IRS Voucher for 10 % off Next Years overall Individual Income Tax Liability .


What they need is a law that compels payday loan centers to charge them low interest.
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