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Full Version: Made a "sub" video tonight...
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Best one I have seen by far.
" Don ' t worry . He really likes Starbucks " . Jptdknpa

Pretty good send up of current events . Thanks for the laugh .

lol Shamrock, that was awesome! Very well done Sir! I'll retweet for you...others need to see this also :)
Bump for the Next Shift .

" * * * on ELLEN ! Look it up on Google , , , "

Haha! That was well done! Good job! Jptdknpa


(01-13-2019, 05:20 AM)Shamrock007 Wrote: [ -> ]


I would re-edit the ending and change Brennan to somebody else because Nazis and full-fledged Red Commies were supposed enemies ... and Brennan (head of CIA at one point) had also voted for the Red Communist Party at one point in his past. I think he's a Manchurian candidate so to speak.
I just tweeted it too.
(01-13-2019, 05:20 AM)Shamrock007 Wrote: [ -> ]

That’s really great! Cheer