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Full Version: Race row in South Africa as health officials advertise for 100 new doctors - but white people are told not to apply
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The health department in the KwaZulu-Natal province expanded its registrar programme for 2019 from 314 to 414, but aimed to fill the new posts with only black candidates.

Health bosses said the move was implemented to redress the country's historical racial imbalance of Apartheid that saw most high-ranking positions filed by white doctors.

Campaigners and human rights activists have branded the recruitment policy 'discriminatory, unconstitutional and racist'.

Leaked documents show the department wanted to train a total of 366 black doctors and had already recruited 32 Indian, 12 white and four mixed race registrars, but need a further 100 black medics to meet employment equity targets.
If you don't have a bone thru your nose you're not doctor material.
The rest of the west is headed in the same direction im afraid to say.

This is why certain kinds should never be allowed power. Ever.