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Full Version: Pompeo's Cairo Speech
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This was a significant announcement of a change of posture from the US, to devolve responsibility to local nations.

Which makes a nice change from identifying nation targets and supporting and fomenting internal enemies to undermine them which has to date never done anything but made the people in those country develop a visceral hatred of the US and its allies who participated in the "adventure" that inflicted untold misery on them, personally.

When the US acknowledges and apologises for the past decades its done this, for instance that the US fomented ISIS via its ally KSA and providing NATO military personnel and money for arms and logistical field support, I might take this speech seriously. Till then I really can't.

Till then, bullshit like "the Syrian people hate Assad because he barrel-bombs and gases his own people," just pisses me off. Pompeo and everyone serious in geopolitics know perfectly well Assad is not the problem, it's Israel. Because Israel's regional strategy is to balkanise all its neighbours, so the internal tribal and religious factions fight amongst themselves and don't unify against Israel. And Israel uses the US as its loyal enforcer. For instance, Iraq was supposed to be split into three: Sunni, Shia and Kurd, and the Kurds were supposed to get the oil fields, which is why Israel was cooing and purring to the Iraqi Kurds ever since 2001. But it didn't work because the operation was put under the control of the enormously incompetent neocons who naturally proceeded to mess it up in every imaginable way. But that was the plan. And that was the plan for Libya, where it worked, and Syria, where it's failed miserably because of Russia.

Iran is the enemy is also bullshit. Once again, it's Israel's strategic imperatives that are being played to and the US is running with it like the little bitch she always is when it comes to obeying Israel. Iran is Israel's public enemy #1, Iraq was, till the US invasion, Israel's public enemy #2. I mean, KSA citizens fly planes into some buildings, so a completely different country is blamed and invaded. And to this day this doesn't strike most of the US public as being in the least peculiar. I accept the Iranian Mullahs need to go, but Iran hasn't invaded anyone for 700 years. It sponsors Hezbollah but like Hamas, you can argue Hezbollah are freedom fighters equally with the proposition they are terrorists. In any case, if the US can sponsor ISIS then why can't Iran sponsor Hezbollah? But the not-invaded anyone in 700 years is the point, because it means that the propagated myth that if the Mullahs get a nuke they'd automatically use it, probably doesn't apply. And this myth is implanted by the years of propaganda where it's never discussed as anything but an axiomatic fact. That's when you know it's propaganda. But again, it's Israel's strategic interests that are at stake, because it wants a monopoly on the nukes. If the US really was "a force for good" in the ME, then it would accept if Israel has 300+ nukes, then its fine for Iran to have a couple, as well.

Strategically in the ME, there are two religious factions: the Shia's and the Sunni's. Many countries have different proportions, and when you look at a map, you can see the Shia factions, led by Iran, form a crescent shape.

Israel and consequently the US, has allied itself with the Sunni's, not because it views them with any special favour but because Israel's strategy is effectively to play wedge politics at the geopolitical level. So it has paired up with one side over the other in order to gain influence with that side when it comes to stirring the cauldron. Wahhabism is an extreme form of the Sunni faith and KSA of course is the leader of that. Israel is secret allies with KSA and KSA has the US by the economic balls because it owns significant strategic bits of the US economy. And Israel has other bits, esp in the tech sector, not so much ownership as industrial espionage and strategic personnel placement.

So that is the overall strategic backdrop to everything that happens in the ME. The balkanisation strategy plus the undermining of the unity of the Shia communities. And Pompeo and everyone else knows it.

I do of course realise that if the US apologises then it is up for reparations in the multi-trillion range and so would be Israel and many European nations and this is why they haven't and probably never will. I also realise that was then, this is now and even though the US has been engaging in this since WWII right up to Syria, it was under different management apart from a brief brilliant moment that sadly ended in 1963, until 2016 came along. And I also realise that Israel is being saved till last and the charade must continue under the new management until then. I get all of that.

But the US made its bed, and if it truly is a force for good, it has to make things right with those nations it's damaged.