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Full Version: Decorated US Navy SEAL to Face Court-Martial for Charges, Including Premeditated Murder in Death of Young ISIS Fighter
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A decorated Navy SEAL will face court-martial for charges including premeditated murder in the death of a young ISIS fighter in Iraq, NBC 7 has confirmed.

Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher faced an Article 32 hearing in November at Naval Base San Diego. During the hearing, U.S. Navy prosecutors accused Gallagher of premeditated murder for the stabbing death of an injured ISIS fighter who they estimate was about 15 years old. The stabbing happened in Mosul, Iraq, in May 2017.

Gallagher is also charged with aggravated assault for shooting Iraqi civilians.

Special Operations Chief Gallagher has denied the charges. He will be arraigned at Naval Base San Diego on Friday.


And here I thought war was premeditated murder. Silly me.