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Full Version: Paul ' s On It Again . What a Guy :
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Will Mushrooms Be Magic for Threatened Bees?

We might be able to save honeybees from viruses transmitted by invasive parasites without chemical treatment.

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By Paul Stamets - Mr. Stamets is a mycologist.

NYT - Dec. 28, 2018

Sometime in the 1980s, microscopic mites that had been afflicting honeybees outside the United States found their way to Florida and Wisconsin and began wreaking havoc across the country. These parasites have invaded and decimated wild and domestic bee colonies. Along with other dangers facing bees, like pesticides and the loss of forage lands, the viruses these mites carry threaten the bees we rely on to pollinate many of the fruits, nuts and vegetables we eat.

This mite, Varroa destructor, injects a slew of viruses into bees, including one that causes shriveled wings, a primary factor in widespread colony collapse. Worse, these parasites have rapidly developed resistance to synthetic pesticides.

Beekeepers in the United States lost an estimated 40 percent of their colonies between April 2017 and April 2018. But we might be able to save honeybees at least from this parasitic scourge without chemical intervention. I along with scientists at Washington State University and the United States Department of Agriculture recently published in Scientific Reports, a journal from the publishers of Nature, a study that could inspire a paradigm shift in protecting bees.

Paul ' s one of the Good Guys . Been following His work since He wrote under a Pseudonym .

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Couple of other past accomplishments . : 2 : 23

So why be Hopeless in Mind Set ?

The parasite sounds engineered. Most dont try to kill the host so fast. Its self defeating.

Gee who would do such a thing Monsanto?


You’re welcome

Just doing my job


parasite is caused by weakened immune systems due to Monsanto Roundup / Gmo zombie crops

You know it’s true

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