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Full Version: DoD Shanahan, Tesla, UFOs and Space Force
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Reading articles from Sorcha Faal's "What Does It Mean" can be like separating fly shit from the black pepper.  This article attempts to explain why Shanahan was selected as Defense Secretary.  His ties with Boeing include work with anti-gravity, Nikola Tesla experiments and studies of the Nazi's
Haunebu II flying saucer which may have been what attacked Admiral Byrd's "Operation Highjump."

[Image: Haunebu-II.jpg]

There is the routine bullshit in this article but one can pick out a few things that are factual.

"During the early days of the President Trump administration that saw great attention being paid to his picking General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to be his Secretary of Defense, this report details, the MoD, instead, focused all of their attention on Trump’s pick for Deputy Secretary of Defense as this position is the second highest in the Pentagon—and whose pick of Patrick Shanahan defied explanation at the time—but came into greater focus when it was realized that the US Navy F/A-18 fighter aircraft that had encountered these UFO’s were, in fact, built under the supervision of Shanahan.

Instead of having any US military and/or governmental management experience before being tapped by Trump to be the second-in-command at the Pentagon, this report explains, Shanahan, instead, spent his entire career as a mechanical engineer for Boeing—the maker of the F/A-18 variant used by the US Navy on their aircraft carriers—and whose engineering education was completed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (known as MIT) where he studied the works and research of MIT’s most famous engineer John G. Trump—the uncle of President Trump most famous for his being the only person allowed to review the documents of the modern world’s greatest genius Nikola Tesla—and among whose research documents reviewed by Trump’s uncle, and now known by Shanahan, included those detailing how to electronically communicate with other worlds."
Last SNIP:
"With it being historically documented that “Tesla scared the central bankers senseless…they knew what his plan meant…energy independence meant an almost complete loss of control of the people” and President Trump’s new Space Force posing a direct challenge to “Deep State” secrecy, this report concludes, it is no wonder why Trump is now facing the greatest assault on his presidency yet seen by his central bank controlled money elites—that in the past 24-hours alone has seen Trump’s Treasury Secretary frantically calling the top banks in America to make sure they’re protected from collapsing—top Trump officials convening their nation’s “Plunge Protection Team”, that’s only brought out in the gravest of economic market turmoil—and Trump himself asking his top advisors if he can outright fire his nation’s central bank chief—and that now has all of these malign forces battling against Trump knowing full well the grave significance of Mattis having just been thrown out of Pentagon and Shanahan taking full control—with all that remains to be seen now is if Trump will reveal the truth before the aliens do—the former being preferred by the MoD, as the latter will mean total global war."