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Full Version: Teacher Story again Florida, Doral Charter School
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'A teacher at a Doral charter school was arrested Friday after police investigators determined she sent a series of lewd texts and expensive gifts to a 13-year-old student during last spring and into the summer."

"Doral Teacher Accused of Lewd Conduct With 13-Year-Old Student"
"Andrea Jimenez, 47"
"Jimenez is a teacher at Doral International Math & Science Academy, officials said." Is that a Charter School?
"in messages sent to the boy through Snapchat and Instagram:
I will go to hell for u. Die for u stop eating to feed you," one message read, according to the report. "My love for u is so real and huge!!! I don't mind facing the devil himself for u."


"Detectives said Jimenez began courting the victim last school year, when he was 12 years old and a sixth-grader. Officials said she initially targeted the boy in the classroom."

"The report states Jimenez further wrote, “I really like your butt. Sorry it’s not my fault it’s cute and hot. It belongs to me correct??? … ‘Cuz mine is yours.”


On The Newsweek Story:


"The teacher often bought the child gifts, including shoes, clothing, electrical devices, books and toys, according to the arrest report seem by NBC. It was these items that sparked worry in the child's parents, prompting them to check his cell phone. They discovered messages...."

The parents of the 13 year old became suspicious due to the items. Then, checked the phone. I suspect there is more going-on with this one than is been said so far.

I cannot currently take a screenshot, however, the link above currently shows the other Florida Teacher from this thread:
In the video box .

Stephanie Peterson, 27.