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Full Version: Trump Loves Fishing in the Swamp: CHIEF OF STAFF NEWT GINGRICH?
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Republican Newt Gingrich is a public figure the media and the left love to hate. He’s outspoken, he doesn’t care about hurt feelings, and he’s smart as a whip…

He sounds like the perfect compliment to our current President.

If the chatter on Twitter by White House correspondents is correct, Trump loyalist, Newt Gingrich, might have a very good chance of becoming President Trump’s next chief of staff.

In 2012, Newt lost his bid to become the Republican presidential candidate to Mitt Romney. It was the last time he entered a political race. Calista Gingrich, the wife of the staunch Trump ally, is currently serving as Trump’s U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.


Why won't Gingrich go away??? Eyeroll
[Image: XiXORnm.jpg]
This is because his names Newt....Newts swim about in swamps.....

I like Newts...We don’t have lizards in the UK around my way....But we got Newts..
Has Newt ever said anything against President Trump?

I don't think I have heard anything negative come out of his mouth about our current president.
Newt would be a lot more skilled at dealing with Congress than John Kelly.
It's a good choice if Trump can deal with Newt's strong personality.
Gingrich is likely to be loose on meetings with Trump's inner circle who don't
have clearances.. including impulsive meetings, something Trump desires...
where Kelly was more strict.

Win Win for Trump.
Get the skills, advice and experience with less regimented protocols.

No idea if this is a real possibility.