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Full Version: DJT Paid Off Women Accusers Himself. Congress Uses Taxpayer Slush Fund.
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You'd think the MSM would perhaps just MENTION this fact.  Members of Congress have access to a taxpayer funded "petty cash" box they can use to pay off sexual harassment accusers.  

  "Is Congress going to release the names of everyone in Congress who has been implicated in a sexual harassment claim which was kept silent by a taxpayer funded shush fund–before or after they try to impeach President Trump for using his own money for something perfectly legal?"

   — thebradfordfile™ (@thebradfordfile) December 10, 2018

"Yes, $17 million of taxpayer money has been spent on settling, among other things, sexual harassment claims in Congress, and we pretty much don’t know anything about the cases. As CNN noted, the names of those involved are withheld not only from the public but also from party leadership.

“A source in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office told CNN that Ryan is not made aware of the details of harassment settlements. That source also said that the top Democrat and Republican on the House administration committee review proposed settlements and both must approve the payments,” the network  reported in November 2017."

If only the sheeple knew the truth.  Eyeroll
At this point, I do not care anymore if at the end the curtain is pulled back and Trump, Q, etc   was a fraud.  Why ?  Because due to him, the hypocrisy, duplicity, and plain old nastiness of so many in the swamp has been exposed publicly.   This opportunity would have been lost if the Hag had taken the throne... probably forever.

And also this:

[Image: melchr.jpg]

[Image: mel.jpg]

[Image: pro-trump-meme.jpg]

[Image: dpusa.jpg]
That Schiff guy is one guy I would like to punch right in the kisser.


Why were all of the Congressional names not revealed two years ago when we saw the mass resignations? Who decided what names would be withheld?
(12-10-2018, 09:51 PM)WNC Wrote: [ -> ]That Schiff guy is one guy I would like to punch right in the kisser.

From California... not surprising.

I wasn't kidding when I said what I want for Christmas is the big one to hit California and slide it off into the Pacific.

California is a problem, it produces some of the worst politicians.
(12-10-2018, 09:51 PM)WNC Wrote: [ -> ]That Schiff guy is one guy I would like to punch right in the kisser.

Throat punch into his skinny little neck. 19yo girl's paid off. FUCKER!!!


Um, Trump will be calling his payoff "brand protection."   Yeah3