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Full Version: Wanna Live in Japan. Free Houses. Cmon. Let's Go!
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Probably in Fukushima Prefecture. Eyeroll
(12-06-2018, 02:18 PM)Kadosh Wrote: [ -> ]Probably in Fukushima Prefecture.   Eyeroll

Damn, the one Japanese guy I work with is super awesomo!

I would love to visit Japan one day, it looks amazing.

I should get my buddy to buy a house and sell it to me for $1k V6sRZf4
Lets go! I'd blend right in over there. Chuckle
I would not want to live there.

I don't like the culture, the music, the architecture, the art. The food would be great though.

I don't think I'd be happy in the Asian countries. I find their customs and beliefs to be strange. JMO. I know a lot of Americans and people from all over the world love it there.
(12-06-2018, 02:35 PM)Road Glide Wrote: [ -> ]Lets go!  I'd blend right in over there.   Chuckle


You can't tell if you use the trains and subways, but the population in Japan has been diving for nearly a decade. You need to be having about 3 kids per couple to maintain population (1 for you, 1 for your spouse, 1 for jew wars, traffic accidents, muggings, angry cops, or to make up for that guy that pays taxes, but can't get any) however as the courts have made marriage and divorce such a horrible deal for men, they have opted out en mass. Herbivore men. Japanese women mostly only want one kid, after that, no more affection. Married jap dudes get an allowance. This is the cultural norm. Anyway with all the sane normal people not replenishing the wage slaves for the retirement ponzi scheme, they have to import Muslims or Catholics that have like 7 or 8 kids, or else properties go empty and retirees don't get that check.
Why aren't they importing millions of third worlders to fill the homes and enrich Japanese culture?
(12-06-2018, 03:54 PM)Screaming Yellow Zonkers Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-06-2018, 02:33 PM)unclelunatic Wrote: [ -> ]Damn, the one Japanese guy I work with is super awesomo!

I would love to visit Japan one day, it looks amazing.

I should get my buddy to buy a house and sell it to me for $1k  V6sRZf4

It takes a long time for a foreigner to be a home owner there.
You'd need a guaranteer to buy it for you. Keep it in their name until it's refurbished. Then see if you can buy it out right.
If you cannot speak Japanese on your own, things can be tough.

Thanks for the tips, I'm sure I can learn Japanese if I immerse myself in it

For the beginning I would just use the translator on my phone...But moving to Japan is just a dream for now

I'm getting bored of Canada Eyeroll
When I lived in Texas, I worked in the small coastal town of Freeport. When Dow Chemical decided to build their corporate headquarters there, they built a ton of small, one bedroom houses for the workers to live in. Years later, after a new hospital was built and a massive facility that built artificial body parts (the good kind), the city began raising their taxes...and just kept raising them. Pretty soon, most businesses closed and moved to neighboring towns. The city council was eventually voted out of office and things started to return to normal. The vacant one bedroom houses were being sold for the price of back taxes (less than $1K) and a few of the store buildings were bought cheap and new businesses started opening up in them.

It was a decent area, right on the water, decent beaches. Of course there is a large port there as well. I always thought that a person with the right backing could make a fortune and turn the whole place into a resort town for not a lot of money :)
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