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Full Version: Am I a cat?, modern marxist students answers
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Södertörn university is an infamous marxist university in Sweden.


I like her!! She actually THINKS!

She nailed it with this, she can't be Japanese because she doesn't look Japanese, but she can be a man buxause she feels it.

WTF happened to this world?!?! Sometimes i think the Hopi nailed it as well, they warned to not bring rocks back from the moon, that if they did, very strange things will happen in the world. Well?
The mental gymnastics is exhausting. I fear for the future. Great video, thanks for bringing it here
Do these people not realize that they sound like stark raving mad ignoramuses? Facepalm
"Biological are not 7 years old or don't look Japanese and I'd have to say no to you being 7 years old."
" are not...2 meters I would have a harder time accepting that."

But Biology and science be damned, if you FEEL the opposite sex then you MUST BE the opposite sex and everyone should disregard science and biology and accept your delusion.

Yep, makes perfect sense in a perfectly messed up indoctrinated world where kids were brought up to not question people with obvious mental health issues because of 'feelings'.
(12-06-2018, 03:10 PM)WNC Wrote: [ -> ]Do these people not realize that they sound like stark raving mad ignoramuses? Facepalm

No, universities are programming them to accept emotionally challenged people and their 'feelings' and to tolerate the mentally ill who feel they are one of the latest 94+ genders...or else they will be labeled 'intolerant' or 'racist' or some other bs term that no one with a real brain should give a shit about being labeled for KNOWING that science applies to everything, including the TWO genders humans have always had.