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Full Version: In Canada they do tax increases right
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Coming in January the Federal government Carbon taxes on gasoline gets implemented across the nation.
So to prevent an uprising like they have in France, recently gas prices have dropped 10-15 cents per liter.
So when the tax hits it will go back up to where it was before. Then come summer time it will be up to $1.40 per liter slowly but surely.

See, when you want to screw your people out of even more taxes, you have to reduce the cost of the item first, then apply the tax and let it go back up slowly.

Canadians are taxed to death, but hey, Turdhole is just making good on an election promise to raise taxes and impose a carbon tax so it's only what Canuckistanians wanted anyway.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.
I imagine all the truckers will blockade every road into and out of Ottawa.
I fail to see how the Saudis flooding the market causing the price to drop has anything to do with Trudeau or France burning?
Great, more tax!

Liberal governments surely do know how to waste peoples money!