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Full Version: Stanford University Fraternity told to remove US Flag....
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"Because it might offend somebody.."
Jeeeeze do any of these brain dead RETARDS who have ADD realize this is the United States and we fly the flag ?

I really wish someone would come out to my very rural house and demand that I take down my American Flag - I really wish you would !
I have a BackHoe that can dig really deep, just sayin.....
Anyone intimidated by the flag of our country should seek psychiatric help immediately.  If it is not the flag of their own country, they should return to where their's is flown.

It is really simple.

For every complaint, put up 2 additional USA flags.

Love it, or GTFO.

[Image: dpusa.jpg]


When will we just admit we have a serious problem with idiots


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God university suck, they are conditioning people to hate freedom. All these stories about SJW and their safe spaces.

I thinking about going myself as i have opportunity to do so. But idk if i would last , maybe if keep my head down but then i hate myself for the speaking up.
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