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Full Version: Denmark to banish foreign criminals to remote island
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Foreign criminals sentenced to deportation are to be banished to a remote island off the coast of Denmark, the country's government has announced.

Finance minister Kristian Jensen said the criminals will be detained at a facility on Lindholm, an uninhabited seven-hectare island in the province of Vordingborg.

The tough scheme was set up as part of an agreement between Denmark’s conservative coalition government and its anti-immigration ally, the Danish People’s Party (DF).

The DF's official Twitter account celebrated the announcement by publishing an animated cartoon which shows a dark-skinned man being dumped by a ship on a desert island.

A spokesman for the party said: "Foreign criminals have no reason to be in Denmark. Until we can get rid of them, we will move them to the island of Lindholm, where they will be obliged to stay at the new deportation centre at night.

"There will be police there around the clock."
I would be all for banishing what we have to Washington DC or California
A perfectly Viking response...I like it

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