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I've been complaining on these fora for years about defective toxic technologies, and suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, but through this suffering I've done a lot of research and have some solutions, which I'd like to share with y'all and hopefully get it to policy makers and engineers eventually.

So In this thread I'm going to explain some problems and some possible solutions, and after I get it roughed out I may later post this somewhere a little more public.

Expect some additions to posts, after the fact, might want to reread the thread from time to time, I may add some facts to a post long after I post it, just because the information is in the same category.

And expect delays in replies to your posts, but be assured I'll read them all. Might take a little longer to reply than usual if I'm writing a new one when you reply.

First the introduction: what is Electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: A Summary by Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

For printing purposes:
The first 1-7 pages are body text, the rest are references. This document consists of 79 pages.

Author's note:

This summary is an expanded section of a larger document entitled "Electromagnetic Health for Children".
The full document is designed in response to requests for information detailing current health concerns of
electromagnetic fields (EMFs) with a focus on radiofrequency (RF) radiation. This is an expanded subsection
covering EHS only.

We are currently witnessing the largest change to the Earth's electromagnetic environment that has ever
taken place in human history. This change has taken place in the very short period of a handful of decades
and continues to escalate at an exponential rate (Appendix 1). Given that household electricity, which was
the first anthropogenic (man-made) electromagnetic field (EMF), only became prolific after the turn of the
century, artificial EMF has barely seen one generation from cradle to grave. The use of higher frequency
microwave devices such as mobile telephony, Wi-fi and smart meters, have suddenly become commonplace
despite almost no safety testing and decades of evidence of potentially lethal effects. This has sparked a
political and scientific debate that is gathering momentum on a daily basis, raising concern about the
continued use of such devices. One may assume when witnessing the vast implementation of, for example
Wi-fi in the home, school, workplace or public domain, that experts have provided sufficient evidence of
safety to overwhelm scientific concern. This is not the case.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) / International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Classified RF as
a Group 2 B 'Possible Human Carcinogen" (2011). Despite this, there has been no attempt in the UK at
disseminating this important information to the public. Conversely, it was not even mentioned in the AGNIR
government commissioned report a year later in 2012. The only safety guidelines currently used in the UK
are those constructed in 1998 regarding 'thermal (heating) effects' of non-ionising radiation. These are not
protective of health given the vastly documented non-thermal effect taking place orders of magnitude
below these levels. They are obsolete. Other countries have responded to this information and have safety
limits more biologically sensible, thousands of times lower than here in the UK (see Appendix 2).
Mechanistic data is available to explain these effects and every bodily system is affected (as one would
expect from a radiation induced illness).

The very broad range of RF emitting devices on the market were never pre-market safety tested and many
now contain fine print warnings from the manufacturers which warn that one must keep the devices a
minimum distance from the body which in some cases is incompatible with use. The public are generally not
aware of these warnings or the increased vulnerability of certain groups such as children, foetuses, elderly,
pregnant women, infirm and those with EHS.

The full paper gives an overview of facts that should be considered during the policy change that is clearly
necessary, and this subsection concerns Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) only....

Why everybody should read that^^^^:

Quote:6. Highly prevalent:
Estimates for the number of people with EHS vary widely, but several countries report around 4-
10%.21,22,23 In the UK this corresponds to approximately 2.5 to 6.3 million24 (which is more than the
number of UK wheelchair users). This is likely to be a gross underestimation (see point 7 below) given
that figures are based on the number of people who have made the connection between their
symptoms and EMF exposure. The number of people who have mild EHS symptoms, but have not linked
them yet to exposure would be far higher. Given the ubiquity of exposure now in all environments, it
can be very difficult for people to notice the association.
7. Rapidly rising:
Extrapolated figures suggest that 50% of the population may be affected by 2017 (Appendix 3).
8. May affect everyone:
Interestingly, the signs and symptoms associated with RF exposures from e.g. mobile phone base
25,26,27,28 29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40 (also see Appendix 4) Wi-Fi,41,42 mobile
43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,140,143 radio/TV broadcasting
70,71,72,73,74 smart meters,
75 MRI scanners,
77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86 and other RF sources87,88
reveal that the general population (not known to be EHS) experience the same constellation of
symptoms as are noted in EHS. This is a dose-response relationship. Thus, it is possible that EHS could
manifest in all members of the population with enough exposure. (Please note some of the above
studies are demonstrating EHS symptoms in children.)

One of the problems with this condition has been the lack of diagnostic tools. I was formally diagnosed by an AAEM trained specialist, but it was an anecdotal diagnosis, meaning he asked me questions:

Do you experience migraines?
Do you experience Anxiety?

Etc Etc.

And I answered yes or no, and when and where, how often etc, and he diagnosed me with EHS.

The problem with that is I need to go to court to compel some people and companies to stop exposing me to toxic technology, and this diagnosis could be brought into question due to the fact I could have LIED when I answered these questions.

It's not real cut and dry.

A quick one regarding smart meters.

My EHS was triggered by a nine month exposure to a natural gas AMR meter that was six feet away from me next to my home office.

Same exact thing happened to this guy: (Permanent smart meter injury)

My dad's death was caused by electric smart meters installed on his neighbor's homes next to his living room and his bedroom.

My dad had Gadolinium Deposition Disease. He had prostate cancer and twice a year he was given a contrast MRI to monitor the progression. Some of this metal was stuck in his tissues, and it reacts to pulsed microwaves.

In a contrast MRI they inject you with gadilinium and a chelation agent(that's supposed to help you pee out the gadilinium after the MRI scan.

They inject you with that, then put you in the donut, turn on the magnet, then they pulse you with microwaves.

The microwaves induce a current in the gadolinium, and this is how you get the "picture."

Problem is the chelation isn't very good and you don't pee it all out. So when a smart meter pulses microwaves at you what's left "lights up" again.

Interfering with nervous system signals. Two days after his smart meter was installed he couldn't walk.

We fixed that with shielding and filters, and he got better, but a year later they installed two more, and he had a fatal stroke trying to walk.

There's more to it but that's the basic story.

Anyhow there are two problems with smart meters that could be fixed:

1)The RF pulses. You don't need that.
2)The dirty electricity. Digital meters have a switch-mode power supply that injects transient voltages into all the wiring in your house. It cost us $450 for filters to filter that out, and the filters generate EMR problems locally. It helped but isn't a good solution.

1)Used Wired connections. On many houses the communications box for phone/cable is right next to the electric meter. Just connect it to network right there. With ethernet.

2)Solar panel, battery and a Hall Sensor. Have a battery and solar charger power the circuitboard, and instead of having an electronic meter, use the conventional mechanical meter.

Just drill holes in the disc, mount a Hall Sensor, and mount the "smart" part outside the meter in its own box with a better and solar charger.

That electrically isolates the meter from the "smart", and you have no transients in the house wiring from it.

You can let the customer choose whether to activate the zigbee. But these need to not hit adjacent houses.
LED light bulbs.

Much better than compact fluorescents but still needs work.

The first LED light bulb I bought at Dollar General came with a warning: Not our fault if it interferes with your electronics!"


That one was $4 and I checked it with my RF meter and it was super-noisy.

I just got some at Walmart for $2.96 for 4, and these are better, but still noisy with AM.

If I tune my AM radio to the lowest part of the dial these bulbs make a lot of noise. Haven't checked with the RF meter because it's in the pawn shop.


Not sure how to fix that, other than using DC wiring in the house, but one Idea that might make them better: USE LED's in the rectifyer circuit.

One bright sucker in the middle, 4 on the outside as rectifyer.

Another idea: Why does it have to be a diode? Could it be possible to make a light-emitting BIODE?

That works on AC?
The diseases of civilization or lifestyle diseases include cardiovascular
disease, cancer and diabetes and are thought to be caused
by changes in diet, exercise habits, and lifestyle which occur as
countries industrialize. I think the critical variable which causes
the radical changes in mortality accompanying industrialization
is electrification.
Beginning in 1979, with the work of Wertheimer
and Leeper [5], there has been increasing evidence that some facet
of electromagnetic field exposure is associated epidemiologically
with an increased incidence of leukemia, certain other cancers
and non-cancers like Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,
and suicide. With the exception of a small part of the electromagnetic
spectrum from infra red through visible light, ultraviolet
light and cosmic rays, the rest of the spectrum is man-made and
foreign to human evolutionary experience. I suggest that from
the time that Thomas Edison started his direct current electrical
distribution system in the 1880s in New York City until now, when
most of the world is electrified, the electricity carried high frequency
voltage transients which caused and continue to cause
what are considered to be the normal diseases of civilization.
today, many of these diseases are absent or have very low incidence
in places without electricity.

Smart meters cause transients.

When my dad first got injured I rescued him. He had forgotton to pay his electric bill, and they had turned off his power.

When he paid the bill and they turned it back on they swapped his analog meter for a smart meter.

Two days later he couldn't walk.

So I took a bus to Lawton, and drove him to Tulsa in his car. The house I put in him had two smart meters on it. A gas meter on one end, an electric on the other.

So I bought two pieces of lead flashing and drove a ground rod in next to the gas meter, put the lead up between the meter and the house and clamped it to ground with jumper cables.

On the electric meter I screwed lead into the garage cabinetry behind the meter and fastened it to conduit for ground.

That helped but we were both sick from the dirty electricity, so I got stetzerizer and greenwave filters and installed those.

And he was walking stairs no problem in three days after that.

Then he went home and couldn't walk, so I sent all that crap UPS and a local electrician installed it.

Better again within 3 days.

Then a year later,,,two more meters on the neighbors' homes; now he's dead.

I complained to the corporation commission(and utility executives) a second time(went in first after he was crippled) and accused them of voluntary manslaughter because I had WARNED THEM.

And PSO snuck around and changed all the Itron meters for GE meters and turned the power down from 200,000+microwatts per pulse to 63.

That helped.

But they weren't authorized to try one defective meter then replace it with another defective meter.

And the transients went from 450 with Itron to 1300 with GE.

Who not coincidentally sold off their entire meter division earlier that year.

Grandma's house needs more filters now.

I have contacted APC via email, and I requested they come up with a whole house solution for smart meters and solar power.

A unit that goes between the meter and the breaker box with a macro-surge protector to protect electronics, and microsurge powerline conditioning for the entire home.

I'm awaiting a reply.

They should be able to engineer a product.

Computer data centers have them. They are rather pricey though.

But without it the computers screw up.

Just like your body.

Stetzer and greenwave filters do work as a stopgap but they both produce a toxic electromagnetic field locally.

You don't want your body near them.

But we could both feel improvement/relief as I was installing them.
Gunnar Heuser* and Sylvia A. Heuser
Functional brain MRI in patients complaining of
electrohypersensitivity after long term exposure
to electromagnetic fields

Quote:Results: All ten patients had abnormal functional MRI
brain scans. The abnormality was often described as hyper
connectivity of the anterior component of the default
mode in the medial orbitofrontal area. Other abnormalities
were usually found. Regular MRI studies of the brain
were mostly unremarkable in these patients.

Conclusion: We propose that functional MRI studies should
become a diagnostic aid when evaluating a patient who
claims electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and has otherwise
normal studies. Interestingly, the differential diagnosis for
the abnormalities seen on the fMRI includes head injury. It
turns out that many of our patients indeed had a history of
head injury which was then followed sometime later by the
development of EHS. Many of our patients also had a history
of exposure to potentially neurotoxic chemicals, especially
mold. Head injury and neurotoxic chemical exposure
may make a patient more vulnerable to develop EHS.


Here's the study with the new diagnostic tool.

Includes pictures of the brain abnormalities.^^^^^

I heard about this study from one of the guinea pigs before it was published.

So I had my doctor refer me to a neurologist so we could repeat it on me, and they all rejected me as a patient.


Never had that happen before...get refused a consult with a doctor.


Anyhow I prepared myself for this test, not knowing yet what it was(it wasn't published yet, was under peer review awaiting publication.)

I quit drinking, and quit smoking, and worked out like a maniac 4 hours a day until my BP was down to 117/70, and I could ride the Low Chi Minh trail at Turkey Mountain without stopping.

But I lost my health insurance before I could get the test.


I just wanted to eliminate all other health co-factors so if I used it in court they couldn't blame me for being out of shape or blame cigarettes etc.


My doc has offered to order the test without a neurologist.

But when I left the research paper at the office I don't think they gave it to her.


Anyhow if you think you might have EHS:

Dr. Heuser is now specializing in this and can consult with your physician.^^^^

He can help you confirm or disprove you have EHS or not.
Safer more efficient solar.

Solar battery charge regulators and inverters both generate a lot of micro-surges AKA high frequency transients AKA "dirty electricity."

Some 1970's VW Westphalia campmobiles came with a battery isolator system, and two batteries. When you camped, all the power you used for lighting and stereo etc was drawn from one battery. The second (primary) battery was used to start the car.

No worried about draining the main battery dead.

Once back on the road, with the engine running this relay system alternated the charging system between batteries until the camping battery was topped back up.

You could do the same with a solar system. Except you charge one bank of batteries while you USE/discharge the other one. That way the home is electrically isolated from the charger, and the transients it produces.


Homes should be wired DC. In multiples of 6 and 12V.

Five different plugs in each wall outlet with different shapes so you can't accidentally plug a 6V appliance into a 120V outlet.

6V for dunce fones/ pocket PC's.

12V for LED lighting

24V for laptop computers

36V for dorm room sized fridges.

120V for air compressors, welders...

And dedicated 240V for air conditioners/welders/air compressors etc.

Now these are rough numbers. Normal household 120V AC service is actually 117.5V.
240V is actually 235V.

Dunce fones run on 4.5V

Laptops are usually 19.5V

These can be conformed to battery voltages. And they usually already accept a range of voltages espescially battery-powered devices like laptops and dunce fones.

A fully charged 12V car battery is actually about 12.34V

My golf cart 6V batteries when wired in series top out around 12.4V

So you have to account for that.

But what most people do not realize is that almost all consumer appliances actually operate on DC power, with the exception of AC induction motors, and maybe some other things.

Most of them have built in transformers and rectifiers to step up or down the voltage and convert it to DC.

By wiring DC and manufacturing them for DC you eliminate that waste, make them more energy efficient.

And less "noisy" electromagnetically.

When a transformer is needed, use torroidal transformers. They generate less magnetic field.

So in summary: two battery banks with a VW Westfalia type relay system to alternate charge and alternate loads.

Wiring for different voltages on the load is easy, you just connect the "hot" to a different battery post."

But you need a compound relay that connects/disconnects all six "hots" on both battery arrays.

And the charger "hot" on both in opposite times.

And you can still use an inverter when you need to but this should be avoided.

Until they clean them up.
A "fringe" story:

My cousin who went to Berkeley, believed the SWHTF during Y2K.

He thought traffic lights would stop working, the banking system would collapse, and mayhem would ensue.

So in the year leading up to that he stockpiled:
Cigarette lighters
A pallet of Rocky Mountain Pantry "pickle buckets" of rice, beans, lentils, spices, etc etc.
Toilet paper

Stuff like that, and trinkets to barter with.


And he bought a 150W solar kit that had 2-75Watt panels, a deep cycle 12V marine battery a charge regulator and an inverter.

Well, Y2K turned out to be a big nothing, like I expected, so he left the solar kit at his girlfriend's place after they split up because she was using it.

I moved down to his "commune" around 2004(?) and rented his extra cabin. He was living with a new girlfriend, and they had two cottages on a former commune, where the commies had all gone yuppie and moved to the city, but they still had these cabins they rented to hippies for cheap.


We had running water, and composting outhouses, and wood heat and no electricity.

The ex-girlfriend was in the process of buying a house that already had solar, so my cousin expected to get his system back when the deal closed, and he wanted me to install it.

I decided not to wait around, so what I did:

I bought some romex, some PVC pipe, some outlet boxes, light switches, light sockets, wall sockets, and a fuse box.

I wired both cabins so they'd have a celing light fixture and switch.

I wired both cabins so they'd each have one 2 plug wall outlet.

I put one double-outlet next to the fuse box, and buried the wire connecting to the extra cabin in PVC pipe.

I bought some 12V "drop light" edison light bulbs at an auto parts store(you used to be able to buy a 12V work light with alligator clamps you can clamp to your battery to work on the car. And 12V light bulbs that look like the regular household bulbs.

And I cut an extension cord at the female end with about 3 feet extra, then soldered an inline fuse holder on the "+" side and some loop terminals, which I connected to the battery on my dodge van.


Then I soldered another male end to the leftover part of the extension cord.

Then I plugged my van into the cabins.


And we had power for three months before the solar kit became available.

I was just screwing off when I lived there, taking a break from working in Seattle before I moved back to Oklahoma, so I drove to town every day to buy beer, play pinball, and eat lunch.

That was plenty of driving to recharge my van battery.

I bought two car stereos with tape decks, made cabinets for them, and soldered edison cord to them so we could plug them into the wall outlets.

To be continued....
....when the solar kit became available, we went and got it.

It had been powering a tepee up near Laytonville..


There was no mounting hardware, so I went to a thrift store, bought a bed frame, then cut it up and popriveted it back together so it fit the panels, then I mounted all that on the roof, wired in the charger and the battery near where I was plugging in my car, and it was finished.

I never connected the inverter and we never used it.


After I removed my smart meter(the day they installed it), and discontinued electric service here in Tulsa it took about six months stumbling around with flashlights to remember the California solar project.


1)My house has additions. After the garage was built, they installed a new main panel at the end of the garage, and connected that to a new service/meter, and to the old main panel which is now a sub-panel. So step 1 was disconnecting the main panel from the sub panel. So if utility goons slapped another meter in it wouldn't juice up the sub-panel.

2)I made a plug in for my pickup.
3)I made another "homosexual" M-M extension cord. Chuckle
4)I bridged the "hots" on the sub panel, so that every circuit was connected
5)I plugged my truck into one wall outlet and the entire hose was not "hot" with 12V.

6)I bought some 12V LED "bling" lights at an auto parts store. I soldered Edison plugs to them, then screwed light bulb to outlet adapters in my ceiling fixtures. Then plugged them in.

And I let there be light in my house, and it was good.

Using existing wiring, light switches and light fixtures.

But then....

My neighbor across the street cleared his vacant lots to make them look better for a rezoning hearing, and this drove Norway rats into my house.

And they chewed the wiring.


They are gone now, but thanks a fucking lot PSO. Thanks neighbor!

Now I have to go find the short.


THe neat thing about this "conversion" was all I have to do to undo it is unlpug the LED lights, unbridge the subpanel, and reconnect it to the main panel.

Take me 5 minutes.

And the moral of the story is:

Line drop is not a problem.
AC wiring is plenty good for 12V DC, and the distances across a house aren't enough to make DC line drop a problem.
One of these days I'm going to whip out the circuit detective, go up in the attic and locate the rat short.


I have solar now, 400W, but I'm using the inverter and 12V LED lights and the cords I have daisy chained through the house and the lights themselves are noisy.

Just like the smart meter.

So I haven't solved my problem yet.

It's still an improvement:

1)That utility killed my dad, and gave two friends non-fatal strokes, and I'm not paying them another dime.
2)I can turn it off
3)I have the cord running down one side of the house instead of ALL THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE. I can avoid it.
4)100W solar panels are $100.
Golf Cart batteries are $150
My electric bill was $150/month
So I can buy another panel or battery every month instead of paying an electric bill.
Or not. I have enough already to run my LED tv 24/7. And lights. And blu-ray player.
So if I want more I can get more, and if I don't have the cash, nobody can turn me off.

But I want my DC LEDS back because they aren't noisy.

And once I fix the wiring fault I can car-to-house off the solar batteries with my homosexual cord. to energize the house wiring 12V DC for lights. And the car stereo. And use the inverter for the tv at the same time.


I'm sort of lucky it was 12V DC when the rats chewed it.

All it did was pop the inline fuse on my truck outlet.
All the pay phone booths have been ripped out.

That makes life very difficult for people with EHS.

If my car breaks down, I have to beg a stranger to use their phone and they hand me a wireless phone.

Because of my health condition it's best for me work outdoors. It's difficult to find an indoor job employer without WIFI, and impossible to find one without smart meters.

I wanted a high paying indoor job. When I was injured I was rebuilding computers to stock a computer repair shop. I had just gotten A+ certification and I was working on CCNA and could have started at $80k a year once I passed that test.

But now farm work is a better idea. Or lawn service/leaf removal until I move to the country, then I can work on farm machinery.

I was trying to switch from Auto tech to computer tech. Better pay, no silkwood shower.

But I should be doing leaf removal right now. It'd cost me about six grand to get a van with a billy goat and the other tools, and I could be making fat cash right now.

But how do I get clients? I can't have a cell phone. I need payphones and an answering service.

I would love to have a pocket PC, like a dunce fone but without the RF transmitters.

Nobody will do this, I paid taxes on my landline for decades(to assist the poor) and they used the tax to give everybody Bush/Obamaphones. Because they want everybody to wear a tracking device.

But what I need is this: Put PORTS in every land line telephone, so you can connect a dunce fone to it via USB.

Put the pay phones back in, as booths like the British Dr. Who style, and shield them so if lazy people forget their cord they can bluetooth to it without microwaving the whole block.

And ports on the outside so multiple people can connect to it.

Access comes with your normal bill.

You stop, plug in, update your emails, update your podcasts, then untether and go about your day.

Stop at another one to send/receive updates.

I've gotten stranded a few times lately, and I have to walk to a business and beg for their phone to call a tow truck.

Then they hand me a DEC phone.

Why can't I just plug in a WIRED smart phone into the side of their base station, any where I go.

Once the rest of you have EHS you're going to wish the pay phones were still here.

I predict 5G will get the rest of you in my boat.

When this happens to you:
sleep problems, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, headaches, concentration, memory, learning and immune system problems, heart palpitations. nausea, joint pain, swelling of face, neck, eye problems, rashes, and cancer.....

Remember this thread.

Your doctor will try to prescribe pills for all of these things.

That's a lot of different pills. A lot of side effects, a lot of interactions.

And none of it will fix it.

Treating an EHS heart arrhythmia with a pill is like treating a heroin addiction with crack.

But then they'd probably just give you a pacemaker. Ever read the sticker on a convenience store? "Microwave ovens in use don't enter if you have a pacemaker?"
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