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Full Version: They're The Ones Who Whisper In Your Ear ...
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They're The Ones Who Whisper In Your Ear ...

They're The Ones Who Whisper In Your Ear

Demons have all the marks of personality
everything that you would associate with
a person demon hands they are persons
persons without bodies but just real
persons they have all the marks it's
most important to understand this the
majority of Christians caught up in this
warfare with demons do not realize that
they are dealing with persons active
intelligent beings who study you and
know you and know your weak points and
your weak moments and just how to get
advantage over you and they act with
intelligence they have two main
objectives assigned to them by safety
the first one is to keep you from
becoming a Christian from knowing Jesus
it doesn't matter what means they use as
long as they achieve that objective
their second main objective if they fail
in the first is to keep you from being
an effective Christian