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Full Version: The TRUTH about Operation Hot Musket!
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The TRUTH about Operation Hot Musket!

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James Munder
Published on Nov 18, 2018

Support Truth, not Pr0gr4m1ng
The Police State - REX 84 Preparation for Martial Law

Published on Jul 17, 2008
Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of massive civil unrest or national emergency. Exercises similar to Rex 84 happen periodically. Plans for roundups of persons in the United States in times of crisis are constructed during periods of increased political repression such as the Palmer Raids and the McCarthy Era. For example, from 1967 to 1971 the FBI kept a list of persons to be rounded up as subversive, dubbed the "ADEX" list.
Interesting. Hal Turner jumped on this news yesterday
like the new boy at the gay bar. Now he has come
out and writes it is all fake or a LARP according to
his named source.
One extreme to the other. I'm puzzled. Still think
the military is getting ready for potential crowd control
on our Southern Border. Yeah, the nutters calling in
about martial law, gun confiscation, mass arrests of
Deep State players, etc. It is more than I buy....but
I've been wrong a couple times before.