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Full Version: The Diseased Horde
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Not talking about the "caravan".

Just the gross people pushing up on you.

Black Friday.


I went to Thanksgiving one time in Denver and the main dish was burnt beans (yum).

Then, after, all the freaks went to the mall that was mobbed with thousands of people and I almost lost my little girl in the crush.

What a joke.
No. No malls. Don't do it! Nothing is worth that.
(11-19-2018, 02:54 AM)Twaddle Wrote: [ -> ]It's this a walking dead episode?

It seemed that way to me.

I was in a young marriage and suddenly we had to go see the in-laws that she claimed to have hated.

So we choked down the burned up beans and then I tried to play a video game with the old man in the basement, but then I said "shit" and I was banished.

So I went and bought a bottle of Canadian Mist even tho I only like beer, because you can chug a bottle of Canadian Mist in about ten mins.

And it takes longer to drink beer.

Plus, then my dog Zeke ran away while we were at the shithole Thanksgiving and it ruined most everything.

Gee sorry to vent but fuck that day.