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Full Version: NEO, Why the Khashoggi Murder Really Matters
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Today, the CIA threw MBS under a bus, telling the Washington Post that they have proof the Saudi Crown Prince ordered the brutal dismembering of Washington Post correspondent Jamal Khashoggi, a Virginia resident.

Their failed cover story is that they planned to “repatriate” him, an effort which began when they put a plastic bag over his head. I am certain Khashoggi saw that as a sign things were beginning to go very wrong since CIA records now show the same folks who brought the Glad Freezer Bags for his body parts also brought electric bone saws with the proper connectors to run on the Turkish power grid.

We tell the real truth, that the “slice and dice rendition” is a Gina Haspel special. We might go a bit further, pointing out that Ms. Haspel is an Israeli citizen planted as a mole inside the CIA to destroy both the US and Saudi Arabia, but that is for another article.